Soon a ban on driving children to school by car will come into force?

Soon a ban on driving children to school by car will come into force?

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We have worse air quality. Traffic jams on the streets are also a problem. Hence, more and more ideas arise on how to deal with the situation. One of them is the proposal to prohibit parents taking their children to school by car. A similar ban exists in Vienna. Its introduction is being considered by the Krakow authorities.

Prohibition of bringing children away - what is it supposed to look like in practice

Of course, no one will stop cars in which children are transported, asking if parents will take them to school or to another place. The idea is different - close the streets around schools for car traffic.

What do parents say?

Proponents point out that it's a simple solution to quickly reduce the number of cars and thus improve air quality. It is said that perhaps children will walk more often and be outdoors.

However, there are opinions pointing to the absurd assumptions of the idea, which hit the youngest. Parents indicate that they will gladly take the ban into account if their children's backpacks become lighter. Others don't take the ban seriously. They ask, what about parents who drive children to school away from the place of residence a few kilometers away?

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