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Wipes, syndets and emollients for babies - what should you take care of when a baby appears at home?

Wipes, syndets and emollients for babies - what should you take care of when a baby appears at home?

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Adequate skin care for children is not an easy task even for experienced parents. In drugstores and pharmacies we find a whole range of specifics to help us in this: handkerchiefs, bath lotions, soaps and emollients for babies. Do you know which products to choose to properly care for your baby's skin?

The number of cosmetics and care products available for the youngest increases every year. Parents, succumbing to the ads and opinions of others, are ready to buy everything to properly care for the baby's skin. However, is every preparation presented as safe really such? Does every child need a shelf full of cosmetics to enjoy healthy skin? Doctors know the answer to the above questions. Specialists believe that the most popular products intended for skin care of the youngest do not always meet certain standards. So let's choose them with caution and common sense. So you don't have to buy all advertised preparations to be a good parent. Focus on quality and definitely focus on minimalism. Thanks to this, your child's skin will be healthy and the toddler will develop healthy.

Baby skin care

Daily care of an infant requires knowledge about the properties of its skin, which is much thinner and more delicate than the skin of an adult. The epidermis pH also differs. For young children, it is much more acidic than for adults. In addition, adult skin is definitely more resistant to external factors than that found in an infant. That is why it is necessary to skillfully use cosmetics and care products. When buying infant formulas, choose those that are odorless and specially designed for babies. However, remember not to succumb to advertising. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for your choice. Choose preparations for the age of your child. Don't forget that the cosmetics you use can irritate your baby's delicate skin. That is why reach for preparations from the children's shelf.

One of the most important care treatments is bathing. Its task is to clean the baby's body without removing the lipid layer, which is crucial for the surface skin ecosystem. According to Italian dermatologist Carl Gelmetti, using mild soap compared to water has a minimal effect on bacterial colonization of the skin in the neonatal period. That is why there is no need to use soaps in the first weeks after birth. It is equally effective to wash the baby with clean water. With time, however, it is worth reaching for dedicated cleaning products. However, remember to beware of those with alkaline pH. Soap (both liquid and bar) is not the best solution. A special washing cube - syndet or special bath lotion will work much better. Caring for the baby's skin, you must also remember about its natural sour coat. This means that the natural, lipid cover of the epidermis with acidic pH protects the baby from many ailments. For this reason, the child, especially in the early stages of life, should not be bathed too often. However, it is important to regularly wipe the diaper area, groin and mouth. To care for these parts of the body, however, all you need is water and gentle cleaning agents (in the diaper area).

Specialists also point out the problem of too long bathing of infants. Most children love to splash in the water, but if you add cleaning agents to the bath, make sure that the bath does not last too long. 5-10 minutes spent in the bathtub is enough. If you want to let your baby play in the water, give up bath lotions. After washing the baby, take care to dry his body thoroughly (preferably avoid rubbing with a towel). A good way to care for the diaper area is to leave the baby for a dozen or so minutes without a diaper. During this time, the skin will be able to dry and breathe thoroughly. It is worth repeating this procedure every time you change your diaper. In addition, the right choice of clothes is an important aspect of baby skin care. Clothes for children should be sewn from breathable natural fabrics. Good quality cotton, linen, and in some cases also wool (e.g. baby merino) will be great. However, it should be remembered that the latter can irritate and sensitize, therefore it should not touch the child's skin.

Disposable and reusable diapers

The range of baby diapers is extremely rich, but not all products have a good effect on the baby's skin. There is more and more information that diapers cause burns and irritation of the epidermis. It is worth remembering that some products are actually not the best for our children, but in many cases the cause of inflammation is improper care. When buying diapers, try to choose the natural ones. The stores will find more and more products made of cotton and bamboo, which will certainly be suitable for the delicate skin of the child. However, it should be remembered that disposable diapers are soaked with a special moisture absorbing substance. It can cause irritation. A good idea is therefore the interchangeable use of disposable and reusable diapers. The latter, although often associated with old, tetra diapers requiring special washing and cooking, are getting better. Many of them are easy to wash and hygiene is not difficult. The interchangeable use of two types of diapers is also beneficial for the development of baby's hip joints. It happens because too fastened, disposable diaper limits the child's mobility, which results in improper joint formation.

Emollients for babies

emollients are skin moisturizing products. They are usually sold in the form of emulsions, and their action consists of softening, moisturizing and smoothing the epidermis. They usually include animal fats, vegetable oils, cocoa butter, mineral hydrocarbons and waxes. Ceramides, phospholipids, cholesterol and fatty acids can also be found in them. Therefore, the emollient's task, mainly due to the content of lipids, is to fill the intercellular space of the stratum corneum, which helps to seal the skin-epidermal barrier. Thanks to this, the skin loses less water, and thus is properly moisturized. Emollients are especially recommended in the care of babies, because the lipid layer of babies is extremely delicate and exposed to excessive water loss, which leads to irritation.

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Wet wipes

Recently, wet wipes have aroused more and more controversy. Some doctors believe that their use contributes to irritation of the diaper area. When buying wipes, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the moisturizing substance. In addition, it is a good idea to use them "from the holiday. A cotton diaper and plain water are all you need to wipe your bottom at home. If your toddler's body requires thorough cleansing of the diaper area, you can use the syndet. Wipes should be used occasionally.


Syndets are sometimes called synthetic detergents soap without soap. These preparations are free of dyes, fragrances and unnecessary preservatives. Their pH ranges between 5.5-6.0, which means that it is close to the physiological pH of the skin. Syndets come in the form of cubes or liquids. They can be used for washing smooth skin and hair, which is why they are a universal preparation for children. When buying such a product, however, you should check that it is intended for children.

Infant skin care requires the skill and knowledge of parents, because the child's body is extremely delicate, which is easily irritated. However, it is worth remembering that none of us is born an expert, so it is a great idea to ask questions to your doctor and pharmacist. Specialists will surely dispel many doubts, thanks to which daily care of the baby's skin will become an opportunity to have fun together and build relationships with the baby.


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