Books from the Zakamarki publishing house - noteworthy suggestions

Books from the Zakamarki publishing house - noteworthy suggestions

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One entrance to the first Polish market is enough to notice the same view: books stacked on large tables, one on top of the other, without order and composition, often with the great inscription "promotion". Opening almost all of them results in the same impression. One position is not much different from the other. In each of them the pictures look the same. Like from some graphics program obtained by the "copy-paste" method. A similar level is represented by the content itself. Meanwhile, Zakamarki's books are really good in this context. Thanks to this, you can recommend them without remorse. We reviewed three suggestions especially for you.

"Is anyone there?" Anna-Clara Tidholm

"There is someone there" is a book for children. It is a pleasure to read it to children one and a half years old with a guarantee that it will be well understood. The content is simple and the structure is predictable for the child, thanks to which it is well received.
In addition, the booklet encourages interaction. Several cards are drawn doors that ask you to make a "knock, knock", which is encouraged by the content itself by Anna Clary Tidholm. In addition, some space was devoted to learning colors and simple words. However, the biggest plus are illustrations, interesting and unique.

Gunilla Bergström "Good Night, Albert Albertson"

The author of the book has been awarded many times. She has created about forty books since the early 1970s. Most of them, like our review, are stories about a few years old Albert and his dad.
The basic advantage of the story is the moral and the theme. Albert can't fall asleep or more likely: he doesn't want to and thinks of new ways to bring dad to the room. The ending is instructive on the one hand, and very life-like on the other. Read and see for yourself! There is a high probability that the stories about Albert will appeal to both you and your children.

"Yeti" by Eva Susso, Benjamin Chaud

An unusual winter tale straight from high and mysterious mountains. Interesting for long winter evenings, to read before bedtime and during the day when the weather outside is not favorable. A proposal for children over three years.
Very nice, warm and cheerful book. Big letters will not be a problem for many grandmothers and grandfathers to read without glasses and in the future to children reading alone. The careful release and interesting plot also give a positive mood.