How much will we spend on gifts for children?

How much will we spend on gifts for children?

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Research conducted on a group of 1042 Poles makes it clear that the crisis will not affect our purchasing decisions. An average Pole does not want to save on Christmas. I plan to spend more money than a year ago. PLN 1132 for the organization of holidays, of which nearly PLN 500 for gifts.

In 2011, we planned to spend PLN 437.7 on gifts. This year, this sum is to increase to PLN 493. On average, we plan to spend PLN 200 on gifts for children. We will spend the most on children. We want to spend PLN 143 on partners (this amount has not changed since last year). Gentlemen declare even higher amounts: 173 zlotys, ladies 112 zlotys.

We plan to finance such considerable expenses: 30% of people from savings, 8% using credit cards, and 4% plan to earn extra money for the holidays.