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"In anticipation of a child"

"In anticipation of a child"

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For many people this guide is defined in terms of the Bible for pregnant, complete, unparalleled, noteworthy listings and a lot of teaching. Such excellent recommendations have not allowed us to bypass this position, preparing for you book reviews for parents. And all that remains is to agree. "In anticipation of a child" Rebis publishing is a very careful, matter-of-fact guide and worthy of its place on the shelf in the library.


"Waiting for a baby" allows you to go through pregnancy in peace. It saves many dilemmas, clarifies doubts, answers questions whether what is currently happening is natural or requires rapid response. Thanks to this, we avoid a lot of stress and constant calling the doctor, especially if this is the first pregnancy.

Complete information

The guide answers many questions, directly asked and edited on the pages of the book. He does it in a complete way. It leaves no room for guesses. And very well. Reviewing many similar items gives a clear signal that they are not able to compete with this guide.

On about 600 pages we will find information on pregnancy planning, preparation for conceiving a child, as well as each stage of its development and tips that may prove valuable after delivery.

The guide has several editions. Each of them was expanded and supplemented, even more caring for its final reception.


Navigating the guide is not a problem. Thanks to the index you can easily find all the interesting information. Divisions into chapters are intuitive and well composed.


The only disadvantages are the price (about PLN 50) and weight. After a long use, the book may also prove to be not durable.

Thank you, Rebis, for sharing the book for review.