How to prepare a child for the first days in kindergarten or school?

How to prepare a child for the first days in kindergarten or school?

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The perspective of the first day in kindergarten or school is a lot of stress for both the child and his parents. Children's imagination works at top speed, so it's worth pointing it to the right track. We advise on how to prepare a child for the first days in kindergarten or school.

School fun

Play is one of the easiest ways to familiarize your child with the rules of the world that surrounds them. It is important that such school fun is as realistic as possible. If your child does not yet have a portable blackboard or blackboard paint on the wall at home, this is a good time for this kind of shopping. Even a notebook and pen will be useful, as well as ... a second breakfast. From the beginning, the child should know that school is not only duties, but also time for food and a moment of fun with friends.

Division of roles in play can be any. Because the child does not know how the teacher behaves, at the beginning his role can be assigned to the parent. It should be remembered that, regardless of the image of the first teacher in the mind of the parent, the child must present him as a nice and kind person. Once the child understands what school is, you can switch roles. Since the one-person class is a bit boring, you can invite other children or ... toys to play together.

Memories of parents and grandparents

Children are eager to listen to stories about how it used to be. They are interested in everything that concerns parents and grandparents. They are happy to compare old times with the present. An evening of school memories is another way to get your child familiar with the topic of kindergarten or school. You just need to take into account the children's sensitivity and filter the messages a bit. It is better not to frighten the child of the once popular "goat" or the janitor ruling the school undividedly. Instead, you can reminisce about happy adventures, trips or interesting lessons.

It is worth taking this opportunity to reach for old photos from school times. For children, the very fact that some will be black and white can be a big surprise.

Shopping together

You need to prepare for kindergarten or school. And although children generally do not suffer from lack of clothes, it is worth going shopping together and buying some new blouses or pants especially for school. You will definitely need new school slippers.

A separate topic is a kindergarten or school kit. It is made according to the list, but it is worth letting the child choose their own notebooks, pencils, pencil cases or school bag. He will feel adult and ready for new challenges. By the way, he will gain some confidence when he finds that his parents count in his opinion.

Visits to the facility school

The most frightening is what is new and unknown, which is why, if there was no opportunity before, it is worth going with the child to the school he will attend. Many schools organize special open days for this purpose. You can also go to a school picnic, such events are usually organized in May or June. If there is no occasion ... you have to go to school without an opportunity. In this situation, however, it is better to call the school office and see if you can enter the facility.

The child should be able to see not only the school corridors, but also a few more important rooms, for example, class, gym, common room or canteen. With a little sensitive, it's better not to go to school during the break.

Adaptation days in kindergarten

Kindergartens organize special adaptation days for new preschoolers. Seemingly they do not bring anything new to the child's life, but it is not worth thinking about appearances. These adaptation days take place over a period of two or three weeks and it will be in the child's best interest to go there with him. Usually, the first of these days is visiting the kindergarten and integration games in which adults can also participate. The next days are games addressed primarily to children. A few such visits, which last a maximum of two hours, aim to instill in the child the belief that the kindergarten is nothing foreign. When he comes to kindergarten in September, it will be a familiar place for him.

Who should walk the child for the first time

Theoretically, it may seem that parents should accompany the child to kindergarten. However, it is worth considering whether it is definitely the best solution. There are children who endure separation from parents very badly. In this case, it will be better if you say goodbye at home. Kindergarten should not be associated with a place that "takes" parents. It is also better not to allow the child to feel abandoned in kindergarten. So who will best fulfill the mission of taking the child to kindergarten? It is worth considering employing a babysitter who will look after the child when the parents are at work and will take the child to kindergarten. A babysitter in Poznań, Rzeszów, Gdańsk or Łódź will definitely cope with this task well. The right candidate can be found at niania.pl.

The situation is slightly different for a child going to first grade. He already knows it, because he knows from kindergarten that his parents leave them for a few hours and then come back. In principle, it doesn't matter who brings the child for the first time.