What to paint, i.e. to tame a small cartoonist

What to paint, i.e. to tame a small cartoonist

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I am trying to remember when my son came to the first meeting with a writing object, and I don't really like it, because since I can remember he was always painting. Perhaps it was the time when he began to sit, or when he could hold the object firmly in his hand. I am currently aware that he has a writing mania. A whole picture gallery hangs on the fridge, while a 60-page notebook is often not enough for two days. Of course, I am very happy with his passion, but it ends when the place to draw becomes a wall, furniture, toys and even the body of a small lock. We found several suggestions on the market to tame the passion of a small cartoonist and we tested some of them. Below is a brief overview.

Coloring books, crayons, highlighters

Thick pencil crayons

They appeared first in our home candle crayons and notebook. Small, fascinated with drawing, painted page by page and pencils ... they started to break. At home, there were piles of candle crayons up to now because I draw my son well and I honestly admit that there is no difference between more expensive and cheaper bambino pencilsInitially, I bought crayons in the range of 2-3 PLN, then in the shop the lady recommended me strong crayons for 12 PLN and after one drawing most of them were broken.

WITH pencil crayons it also varied, most of them had to be tempered non-stop, while the "non-breaking" ones were difficult to draw. So far, the best have proved to be thick pencil crayonsthat are hard to break and are easy to hold in the small handle.

If the pencils are already, what is the best way to draw? Our notebook worked well at the beginning because the pages were not torn apart, but it was not enough for the little one. Pad... well, it turned out to be one-off with an avid draftsman, the best turned out to be cards for the printer. Recently, they have also arrived at home coloring there is such a choice on the market that every toddler will find something for themselves, there are many options stickers, shorts, whether favorite heroes, from my own observations I know that the best ones are the simplest ones and properly selected for the child's age and skills.

Paints, brushes

Playing with paints gives children great joy, but unfortunately gives parents a lot of problems. Mixing all paints at once is only part dirty work, then cleaning and often washing all the artist's clothes remains. When choosing paints, I always check if there are any ecological, non-toxic and if you can wash them with clothes.

Finger paints

Although we put on aprons for painting, there will always be an adventure with solid dirtThe son stubbornly refuses to convince himself to rinse the brush after each change of color, the paints come in different colors, for nothing translates, it remains only to be patient.

Recommendable finger paints, children love them, you can dip their fingers in them ... and even your whole hand, feel the consistency of wet masses and create endlessly. Our paints were equipped with stamps, but they were probably only used once, because soaking fingers wins with everything.

To save yourself cleaning we are seating our son on a newspaper-tiled floor. You can paint paint my mouth toobut I honestly do not recommend, they often occur allergic reactions and contrary to appearances, they are not easy to wash off, that's why it's worth protecting your clothes.

I recommend parents who don't have the option of dirtying or cleaning water coloring book. cards

Water coloring books

books are covered with pictures filled with dots of paint, just dip the brush in water and paint the picture, and after a while it acquires beautiful colors. With us this type of coloring works when you need something to take care of my son, e.g. when he disturbs me in the kitchen, then I plant him at the table, he gives me a cup of water, a brush and a painting, a small painter and I can do my job, in the meantime I have an eye on him and then not much cleaning.


Chalk drawing board

I remember during school times when a lady was taking a break and we were getting chalk and painting what we could on the blackboard. And probably not much has changed in these few years, because kids still love to write on such boards, although they remained in few schools.

For the first time my son had a contact with a blackboard during a visit to an older cousin, as soon as he got the chalk in his hands, he was surprised to know what it was for. The first paintings appeared in a few seconds, the board was quite large on the easel. We liked it very much, but it was too big for our living conditions and for intricate painting chalk was falling practically everywhere.

Once it fell into my hands small A5 chalk board with a chalk pack attached, I put it in the basket to give my son something after returning home. Small, as soon as he got to chalk, the package was not enough for him. Admittedly, chalk scattered with each smudge on the tablet, but the joy was endless.

The plate has been used for a long time, she is hidden every day so that she does not die along with the chalk in the jungle of other toys. Chalk can be perfectly used during walks, beautify the pavement or pitch, however, all within reason. I also met on the market wallpaper and even paint, which is an imitation of a chalk board, I personally haven't tested it, but I think it's a solution, when a toddler stubbornly wants to paint on the walls.


Probably in many homes children among toys have a description. Colorful magnetic tablet with a pen. You can create real miracles on it, and for moment to wipe out something new. They are available on the market different versions, large on a frame, with a desk, with a set of stamps, and even with the option of playing children's melodies, it all depends on the taste of parents and the child. I know from experience that simple things work best. Our disappearance is the most ordinary, with a pen on a string (prevents it from getting lost) and three stamps, but made of quite strong material. It is used quite often especially when traveling and still pleases the little artist.

Bath markers

Bath markers

Bath markers turned out to be the last hit in our home. Set 3 pieces of colored markers makes bathing a long-awaited moment. Just lightly press the pen and a beautiful color is already coming out from it, you can draw with it after the bath, tiles and body. My son jumped up in joy when my father drew a tractor on the tiles, and then he created himself without hesitation.

While playing with such markers, we can safely let our child's imagination run free, without stress or getting dirty. Felt-tip pens in general can be washed off with a warm water jetHowever, in practice it is a little harder. All you need is a small scale deposit on the bathtub, the paint penetrates it very quickly and remains ... desirable to clean the bathtub along with the remnants of markers. (Sometimes such a marker may be useful during cleaning, it is not always visible to the naked eye where the stone has settled and after using colored markers it suddenly becomes visible). With body painting, I would not exaggerate, my children painted their belly and just rinsing with water was not enough, you had to scrub with a sponge and liquid.

Water mat

Water mat

If dirty hands, floor and clothes tease parents very much, it's worth buying a water mat. The mat was designed so so that you can write on it with a pen filled with water. Generally, it doesn't have to be a pen, that's enough a wet hand or foot to create real works. Unfortunately, the images on the water mat are not permanent because, when the water dries, the picture disappears, though you can draw again.

The plus of the mat is the ability to fold and hide in the closet, because it doesn't take up much space. If you decide to buy the mat, you have to look at it well. There are mats on the market that will serve for many years, however are quite expensive (they cost around 180 zlotys), but there are also those that after a few uses are destroyed, the pictures stop disappearing, and the water does not give color: and these are even several times cheaper.

Teddy bear for drawing

Fisher Price Bear doll for painting

One of the most popular companies producing toys for children has arranged for a toy for a small artist. When the markers are in the hands of the baby every day, sometimes you can see how the bear or doll got new colors.

Fisher Price offers a teddy bear / doll to paint. To the mascot are attached markers and stamps, which can beautify the teddy bear and after washing in 30 degrees everything disappears and you can give vent to children's fantasy again. There was no such bear in our house, which is a pity, because beloved teddy bear of the son permanently has war colors given to colorful markers.

House to paint

I think every child loves all kinds of houses. You can hide, decorate and play at your will. Paint houses are available on the market. The cottage consists of cardboard walls and roof. You can open the window and the door in it. The fun is that the child can paint them himself, whatever they want, with crayons, paints, felt-tip pens, everything depends on the child's imagination. Unfortunately, the house can be painted only once and as a toy it is quite expensive (about PLN 70), but then it can be used as a decoration for a children's room and become a favorite playground for the child.

House to paint

And your kids have their favorite writing gadgets? What does it look like for you?