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Carriages for dolls

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There is a moment when many parents begin to consider buying a doll stroller. Some need it quickly enough, because around their first birthday, others only a year or a few years later. Manufacturers of children's accessories and toys do not leave these expectations unanswered. They produce a whole series of prams adapted to the needs of children of different ages. The cost of doll strollers ranges from about PLN 60 to even PLN 300. Of course, both the upper and lower limits are the contractual amount. You can buy a much cheaper used stroller and much more expensive than average strollers offered by global manufacturers. What to look for when making a choice?

Pusher trolley

Who should the stroller be for?

At the beginning it is worth knowing the purpose of the trolley. There are already models on the market dedicated to children who are just over a year old, as well as those that can be played by five-year-olds and older children.

The basic difference between them is size. Prams for the youngest are the lowest, and those for older children are larger and more massive. Although models for older children often have an adjustable handle, two-year-olds may have difficulty driving a five-year-old stroller.

However, if we buy a stroller for a child about a year old in the classic version, we should be prepared that the little girl will start playing with it with death for its intended purpose only in about half a year or even around the second birthday. That is why it is recommended for the youngest children carts in the form of pushers, which are stable and more resistant to damage, and at the same time help the toddler who is not quite able to walk.

The material from which the trolley is made

Carts can be made in a variety of ways. There are three basic types: wicker prams, which are intended for home use, wooden prams that work well at home and outside, in nice, dry weather, and prams made of fabric and plastic, the most universal, most often adapted for use at home and beyond.

For one doll or for two

Another question to ask is whether we want to buy a pram for one doll or for two. There are models on the market for "twin dolls".

Type and number of wheels

If you read these tips now, you get the impression that you are choosing a stroller for a child, not a doll, we are not surprised at all. The list of questions does not end there.

When making your decision, be sure to consider whether you prefer a doll stroller model on four or three wheels. Should it be of lower quality, but cheaper plastic wheels, or more durable and quieter and non-scratching wheels made of foam PVC. Another question: do you prefer swivel wheels for older children or not. The first ones have the advantage of making driving easier on smaller surfaces.

Type of trolley

Strollers are also different in terms of purpose. There are stable deep prams on the market, weighing about two kilograms (and even about five for older children), as well as lightweight strollers and even umbrellas. Most of them can easily be folded and placed under the baby stroller.

There are also so-called prams kilkufunkcyjnych. For example, you can get three-functional, four-functional doll strollers: combining in one stroller, deep stroller, and even a sling for carrying by the handle or for carrying on wheels. Some sets are additionally enriched with educational mats, as well as blankets, bedding for a pram. Most have a basket under the trolley and a bag to hang on the trolley handle.

There are also differences in the colors (this one is practically unlimited, although of course the shades of pink and red dominate) and in the motifs used in the production of the stroller (e.g. the popular Hello Kitty motif).


Definitely not Polish Mother. He tries to reconcile the upbringing of the child with selfish motives. When he sees a small copy of himself, he feels alive.

Stroller stroller

My two-year-old has two prams that should theoretically be used to transport dolls. However, the most common is that they land in them toys, which Nadia will find at hand at a given moment, or try to travel by herself with vehicles that are not adapted to her weight.

I bought a furiously pink stroller in last year in Smyk, for less than PLN 50. The stroller was a Christmas present for a child. At first, he served his daughter as a pusher, who helped her maintain balance while learning to walk. Its advantage is definitely light weight and easy and quick folding. When folded, it looks like a typical "umbrella" and does not take up much space. Unfortunately, the lightweight stroller is unstable and due to dangerous elements (handles, skeleton tubes), be careful that the child does not hurt her. However, when it comes to easy to drive, it definitely belongs to maneuverable trucks.

The product is equipped with durable seat belts that protect the toy passenger from falling out and plastic, non-inflatable wheels. The material lining of the stroller can easily be removed and cleaned in the event of any dirt.

A deep trolley

Nadia received a deep pram inherited from her older cousin. At first glance, it's really hard to find any advantages in it, because this item is heavy and let's face it ugly. The color of the material resembles a not very successful variation on mustard and hazelnuts.

The four-wheeled trolley with rubber tires was equipped with a capacious gondola with a roof, which, like the other elements, was fixed permanently. If it is necessary to wash the toy parts of the toy, you can only clean them manually.

In his favor speaks for the fact that this is an extremely durable item - he lifted my daughter, then a year and a half, who, together with my grandfather, decided to try a vehicle to crawl inside his house. In addition, it folds in the blink of an eye, has special safeguards in the form of overlays on tubes attached to the handle, which prevent the child from doing this himself.
Unfortunately, it does not have steerable wheels and it is quite difficult to drive it. A little creak during the walk.

Maybe it had a basket to transport various accessories - this is evidenced by the design of the trolley. All that remained for Nadia was a handy bag that was attached to the pram's handrail.


He likes to discuss many topics. He doesn't know taboos. He does not like exaggeration and pushing only one trend in education.

The daughter received the pram around her first birthday on Christmas. For the first half year she played with it sporadically, she rather did not understand what it was used for. Therefore, the trolley was used to store dolls.

The first shy interest in the pram began around 1.5 years oldwhen the pram accompanied us during walks. Unfortunately, in practice, more time was spent by me or my husband than actually

pushed by daughter. Now that the daughter is almost two years old, the stroller is used in a more deliberate way. The daughter feeds the doll in it, carries it, puts it to sleep, puts a finger to her lips, showing that you need to be quiet so as not to wake her up. In addition, the entire "play process" takes not more, or even several dozen minutes.

How do we assess Wakart stroller? For a two-year-old, running it is not a problem, but the younger child had a problem with it. Typical was "climbing" into the wall, and during walks deviating from the pavement to the lawn. Perhaps the problem would be solved by swivel wheels or, on the contrary, would make it even worse?

The stroller is adapted for children in age about 2-3 years. It will probably be too small later. It is durable, aesthetically made. It has foam wheels that allow you to drive the trolley around the house and outside. The only minus for a loose trolley insert that falls out and is easy to lose.

Plus for easy folding and rather low weight (2.5 kilograms). The trolley is available in several colors. The price for a Wakart Ewa doll stroller is about PLN 120.

Do you have doll prams? How do you rate them?


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