Mickey Mouse tent / hideout

Mickey Mouse tent / hideout

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Does your child like Mickey's nice mouse? In that case, this light tent / house may appeal to your child. The basic advantages are lightness and interesting, vivid colors.

After removing from the cardboard packaging, the tent can be placed in the room in a few seconds. Its folding thanks to modern technology consisting of rolling or twisting, allows the house to be folded to a small size and allows easy storage. However, note: you need to spend a few moments learning to fold, which once mastered is not a problem.

Two children can easily fit in the tent. You can enter the tent from two sides.

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages. The manufacturer does not attach a special tent storage cover to the packaging, which forces the toy to be stored in a carton. In addition, the tent has no "floor", which also seems to be a misguided idea, because it forces the lining of the center with a blanket / mat, for use outside the home. And in the apartment, it does not allow you to capture the toy and carry it with all the "magic gadgets" that the child will bring inside.

It's not everything. The tent does not have the option of attaching to the ground outside the home. Therefore, although the manufacturer allows you to use the tent in the open air, it can be risky that the toy will unexpectedly escape with a stronger gust of wind.

Price around PLN 50.

For children over 3 years.

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