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Contest results: New Year calendars and "Teens honestly about themselves"

Contest results: New Year calendars and "Teens honestly about themselves"

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Thank you for participating in two competitions announced in December, in which you could win three New Year calendars from the Green Owl and two copies of the book "Teenagers sincerely about themselves". Thank you for all replies sent and congratulations to the authors of the answers below.

"I received wool knitting needles as a gift. The person giving me (visiting) saw me in a woolen cap and associated me with the fact that I certainly did it myself, because I like various needlework, alterations, etc. I like it, but when it comes to working with a needle, unfortunately I can't knit. Of course, I did not show dissatisfaction, the head does not hurt from the tabernacle, but when she said that the next hat would be for her, I was speechless. No, no, I did not spoil her joy and Christmas Eve, because I have a neighbor dealing with this type of product, so the hat will go to Makow, as promised. However, on Christmas Eve, uncomfortable situations can and do happen, although everyone wants well. "
Henry of Gdansk

"I gave the least successful Christmas present this year to my husband's little nephew. Karol has two sisters, five nephews and two nieces. Of these, three children are his godchildren. So, the pre-Christmas dilemmas are very big with us. Every year, gifts bring a sincere smile on the faces of children, so I thought it would be a standard replay of entertainment. I was right - they liked the gifts, but only in six out of seven cases.

The youngest, three-year-old branch hurriedly unpacked the present with baked goods, looked at it and said firmly: "I didn't order it! I will not play with it! "And it was such a wonderful green tractor with a detachable trailer ... It turned out that Wojtuś dreamed of equipment, but not agricultural, but fire truck ... Oh, this honesty of children ... I honestly say that I was very sorry , I thought I was going to cry. The mood improved only when Wojtuś reacted similarly to another gift - a set of clothes from cousin Karol.

And besides, I bought my beloved mother-in-law this year from a series of women's literature, in the bookstore I read the description of the book and it seemed to me perfect for Mummy. I packed and was very proud of myself. Only after unwrapping the present by my mother-in-law did I notice something very disturbing ... The title of the book was ... "Frills" ... I hope that Mommy did not take this title too much to heart ...

And from my beloved husband, a few months after our wedding, I got a very hmmm very romantic gift ... He bought me a multifunctional device for cutting vegetables for salads. I will take revenge on it in a year - I will be memorable;)

So the limit of unsuccessful gifts has been exhausted this year. I hope that next year they will be only one hundred percent gifts that I give to other people (except Husband) and which I receive myself. "
Agnieszka from Płońsk

"I remember one year when my mother and I did not know what to buy my nephew for Christmas. The search lasted a long time. We decided that we would not buy toys, which he already had a lot, but something useful and useful. We found a beautiful, cute dress, just for a 6-year-old. And without hesitation, we bought it, glad that he would definitely like it, because he liked to walk in dreski very much, and besides, there was a huge car on them. It's Christmas time. Gifts packaged a long time after the Christmas tree. The first star has already appeared, dinner eaten. Patryś, although he is a big eater, always had to pick something up there. Impatient to unpack the gift, grabs his package, opens it slightly, looks in and BAH :) Big eyes, look at us, and this question: "And what is this?". And we say, "like what, pull it out and see." And so after pulling out the gift began to cry, regrets, etc. I quote a few sentences he said: "Wee, clothes, why do I need it," "I do not want it", "And what should I do with it", "Such gifts are not gifts, "" How to play with it. " He was complaining all night that he could get something like that. According to him, clothes always have to be bought, and toys from time to time. And it was Christmas for him. Oh I'll never forget them. As this is the first time our Patryś got something other than toys :) "
Monika from Tychów

"I would love to read this book. I am a 36-year-old mother of a 17-year-old teenager. Some experiences and facts described by the authors of this book are probably behind us, but there are many more or less difficult, stormy, important moments ahead. I have a clever son and I am trying to be a clever mother but I am not all-knowing, I do not claim that I know everything best and that is why I reach for guides, read them, draw conclusions and maybe thanks to this I will be able to get through my difficult and interesting period together with my son life. And most importantly, my present experiences will be useful to me in a few years, because my daughter is ... one year old :) "
Elżbieta from Kiełczów

"I think I would gladly give her parents a broader world view when raising my younger teenage sister. But before that, I'd read this book myself, maybe our relationship would also become easier. Unfortunately, the period of rebellion against the whole world, and above all against parents, is not an easy time for all of us, so I would like to help them as much as I can. "
Justyna from Chełmek