Nivea Baby cream for all weather

Nivea Baby cream for all weather

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Nivea Baby is a cream for all weather. A proposal from a legendary producer, appreciated by many generations of Poles. The formula prepared for applying to the face and hand skin of a child throughout the year is particularly appreciated in winter and on colder days.

The basic pros of the cream are the ability to use even on cold days (no water), composition adapted to the needs of allergy skin, convenient tube, small size that allows easy transport (the cream fits in a women's handbag). Plus for consistency (easy spreading and not flowing out after accidentally opening the package) and smell. The advantage is also the easy availability of the cream: in addition to stationary stores, small drugstores, the cream can be easily purchased online and even at some gas stations.

Can be used from the first days of life.

Minuses? Excellent performance is a plus, of course, but at the end of the pack the cream likes to get thick, which makes application difficult. You can also complain about the price, which could be lower (about PLN 13-16 per package).

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