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You don't have parks So you are out of luck ...

You don't have parks So you are out of luck ...

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We plan everything. A day that is too short. Work that is too much or when it is too little: looking for it. Vacation, which regrets stupidity. Free time, which should allow us to self-development. We also plan the career, education, future of the family and our children. We have everything under control. We buy some of the goods and deal with others. Just like the sex of our children. The closest and quite unknown to us suggest that having a park is the peak of happiness, and the birth of two, and worse three / four children of the same sex ... is a misfortune. Parents of same-sex children should be compassionate. Others say they need to be motivated to continue their efforts. Still others don't know what to say about it ... it failed ...

A formula with no exceptions

Sure, we have no influence on what others say. People talk and they will talk. That's why they will always find a reason. And they ask when we will find a boyfriend / girlfriend and then ask about the wedding date. We won't be able to come back from the honeymoon when there are questions about when the baby is. When one comes up, there are questions about the other. And when a child of the same sex is born, it is just beginning ...

The mother of two daughters or two sons listens to it ...

"Oh ... failed"

"The third will be a boy / girl"

"Certainly my husband is inconsolable ..."

"Oh girl ... What about Daddy?" Probably dissatisfied? "

"I'm sorry ... Next time will succeed!"

It's one of those milder forms. Just like the looks hanging on the backs of parents walking with three daughters or three boys. In the opinion of people who know better, it may not be possible that parents can be no different (there really are such cases) and that the birth of children of the same sex need not be seen as a kind of bad luck or injustice. We have daughters surely have to dream about a son, and parents of boys with a little princess ... If it is otherwise someone is certainly hiding the truth.

What is the surprise when quite honestly and without any overtones, parents even before conceiving a second / third daughter or son say that they dream of the same sex ... Congratulations are more enthusiastic and so only when you can conceive a child of a different sex ... Well ...

What can you say?

Internet forums swell on one hand with threads devoted to gender planning, and on the other with topics devoted to whether it is better to have a boy or a girl. There are also topics dedicated to gender-related comments. They also include advice on how to respond to the "misfortune" of having children of the same sex:

On the military:

"Oh boy again?"

Answer: "It is better to lead one type of army ..."


"Oh girl! And what daddy say? "

"Daddy ordered a daughter."

"And it probably pampers the princess."

"Oh, and how they are just on the bike and then they are supposed to play football."


At the belayer:

"We're getting such great girls (guys), so why experiment with

another gender? "

On a rebel:

"Oh, it didn't work ... The other boy"

"We both succeeded!"


"I don't plan children anymore because I have them all at home, but you probably still have what?"

"Yes, when the third boy is born, I will drown him in Wisla ..."


"Gee, so it failed again ..."

The "author" of the sex is the husband, and we do not need parks, because we do not breed children
we are going.

And you? Have you encountered any unpleasant or thoughtless comments because of the sex of your children? What do you think about this?


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