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Generally, you can't accuse the toy of being carelessly made of unpleasant material. However, you can write a lot about how uncomfortable it is to use. First of all, it is heavy and for a child from the year for which the manufacturer prepared it, in this respect impractical. In addition, interactivity closes exactly in three options: barking, snoring and making food noises.

Let's start with the pros. Here we should mention a really solid performance. Secondly, the dog works on batteries, which are included (often when buying a toy, we also have to spend money on buying the battery).

The toy has sensors in three places: on the head, on the back and around the mouth, which react to touch. The set includes a special brush for stroking the dog and a bone that, when properly applied to the dog's mouth, makes the dog start to "eat", i.e. in a characteristic way munch. In turn, stroking the dog's back you can hear the characteristic snoring, and touching the toy on the head: joyful barking.

The toy can be used to learn how to care for a dog. It also teaches manual coordination.

Unfortunately, it is quite heavy and expensive enough (around PLN 150) that several interactive features do not allow it to be rated highly.

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