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Dear Parents, as announced we have prepared for you the second round of the competition: choose a prize. You can choose a t-shirt with the logo (in size 92 for a child or for a parent S, M, L and XL) or a canvas shopping bag with the logo. Which of the awards would you like to receive?

1. Write in the comment below the entry which prize you choose: 1 or 2.

2. Argument your choice.

3. Subscribe to the newsletter on the website (at the bottom of the page), thanks to which you will be able to receive from not more than once every two weeks information about the most interesting articles posted on the website and new competitions.

The fun lasts from November 26 to December 14.

Each contestant can leave an unlimited number of comments. Remember to provide the correct e-mail address (the same when leaving a comment and subscribing to the newsletter). Only thanks to him we will be able to contact the winners.

In the game we will reward 8 people who will leave the most interesting answers.

Winners will be selected until December 18, 2012.

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