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Laurka for Grandma and Grandpa

Laurka for Grandma and Grandpa

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Snow has sprinkled, flu prevails, the weekend and the upcoming holidays of Grandma and Grandpa can be an excuse to prepare exceptional laurels. In my house, we have prepared laurels for the youngest, however, your preschoolers can modify the offer completely freely.


  • Bristol A4 in 2 colors (preferably quite contrasting)
  • Scissors, ruler, pencil, paper glue, cutter, small round shape (e.g. glass or screw cap)
  • Photograph of a child in 13 × 18 cm format
  • Printed poem or wishes in a format not larger than B5 (notebook size)


In the version for the youngest, you have to do the first stages yourself. You can only give the decoration to the child, under your watchful eye.

Fold both bristol sheets in half. One will be the cover, the other - additions. We cut the second one evenly in the fold. We only need 1 half. We put a child's photo on it and draw a pencil outline. We reduce this contour by 1cm on each side. We cut a smaller rectangle with a knife.

After cutting out, we draw 6 small circles on it and cut them out. The resulting frame is smeared with glue, without reaching the contour after removal. To allow the photo to be removed, leave one of the short sides unpainted. We glue laurels to the cover. Inside the laurel we draw the shape of a circle and color it (it will be the center of the flower). We grease the child with all bristol circles and tell them where to glue them.

Finally, we print the wishes or rhyme in a cheerful font, cut out and glue the laurels inside.

I am convinced that such a laurel made partly by a toddler (a 1.5-year-old daughter glued a flower to me) made Grandma and Grandpa grate and show how much their granddaughter loves them.