Helping Your Child Manage His Emotions

Helping Your Child Manage His Emotions

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Educating emotional intelligence from childhood and putting limits on children's tantrums will allow them to channel their anger and frustration so that they are able to handle them in the future. In this interview on our site, the psychologist Silvia Alava It explains how children's emotions can be educated, controlled and managed.

Emotional problems in children are often reflected in bad behaviors such as tantrums, crying, rebellion, etc. They are children who find it difficult to internalize the rules and limits. For anything they disagree, they throw an impressive tantrum. And that translates into an emotional lack of control.

Children cannot learn on their own, to control their emotions or their reactions to a certain decision made by their parents. They fail to follow a discipline or respect limits. Parents are the ones who must teach to control the situation that children get into due to their lack of emotional control. And in case that does not work, then more specialized help such as therapy should be sought.

You have to work with the child, talk with him, understand when it is only a tantrum or a tantrum, and when the situation is out of control.

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