The best games and toys for children from 0 to 2 years old

The best games and toys for children from 0 to 2 years old

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Sometimes we underestimate the ability of babies to perform activities and games, but in reality there are a wide variety of possibilities with which we can stimulate them through play.

Since we offer you some examples of games and toys that babies love and children from 0 to 2 years old,advised by experts from theNemomarlin Sanchinarro Infant School.

Take a look at our selection of the most suitable games and toys for babies, from birth to 2 years:

1. Sensory bottles: We start from the basis that the little ones learn from sensory stimulation, so all kinds of sounds and textures arouse their curiosity.

They are also very easy to manufacture. Here are some ideas:

- Sensory bottle of water and glitter.

We will need:

Small plastic bottle




Silicone (silicone gun)

- Sensory bottle of rice.

We will need:

Small plastic bottle


Silicone (silicone gun)

In any of the cases, we will put the materials we want inside the bottle and when we have them we will put silicone on the inside of the cap and close it. It is very important that it is well sealed.

2. Sensory books: As for the sensory books, you can find a great variety. There are even books made by hand and adapted to the tastes and needs of each one of the little ones.

3. Basket of treasures: It consists of a hard wicker basket (or box), flat, without handles and low in height, made up of a rich variety of everyday objects: metal objects (spoons, strainer ...), wood (mortar, geometric cubes ...) , cardboard (kitchen paper roll, cardboard box ...), rubber (teethers, balls ...) and natural (orange, lemon, feathers ...) chosen one by one to stimulate the child's five senses and offer a very wide range of sensory experiences: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

At this age, the little ones begin to be aware of themselves and to recognize the people who are part of their closest environment. It is because of that mirrors can give us a lot of play, since they see themselves and we can put different expressions that will attract their attention.

4. Soft balls: We have to take into account that the materials we use are appropriate for this age. In this case, we specify that they are soft because they do not yet have full control of their movements and can lean on the ball, so this type of toy avoids risks for them. With them we can work all gross motor skills, such as advancing towards it or eye-manual coordination by asking them to throw it at us and to catch it.

We can't forget that strengthen muscle tone at these ages it is essential (lying on their stomach, rolling over themselves ...), since it is what will help them to start crawling, to stay seated and later to walk. So… Everyone on the ground!

For slightly more advanced ages, we can also highlight:

5. Soap bubbles: A very good resource also as a birthday present for children of this age.

6. Flashlights: A very simple game to do and they love to play. It is simply a matter of putting colored papers on a flashlight so that the light changes color. They have a great time!

7. Musical instruments: Maracas, drum, cymbals, triangle ...

We hope it has been of your interest!

Elena Garcia Miranda
Director of the Nemomarlin Sanchinarro School

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