Would you let your three-year-old daughter choose her clothes?

Would you let your three-year-old daughter choose her clothes?

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We do not know her name, but we do know that with only 3 years, she chooses her wardrobe. And as incredible as it may seem, it is not pink. Not purple. Nor is it full of t-shirts with flowers, butterflies and hearts.

She may choose based on her parents' tastes, but she chooses: a Superman T-shirt, a yellow skirt. His father, Simon RagoonanaTired of receiving gifts of pink bodysuits, skirts and dresses, he decided to let his daughter free to choose the clothes she really liked.

Simon, television producer, decided to stay home caring for his daughter. Then, she realized the gender education she was receiving: she would play all day with dolls dressed in pink, she would ride a pink motorcycle, she would push pink saddles and everything about her revolved around this color. Using this color as a symbol of differences, it scared him, and began to write a blog that has become famous: 'Man vs Pink'. His first post is titled 'Pink is for girls', where he criticizes and portrays this society that pigeonholes boys and girls separately.

The experiment ended up completely changing her daughter's clothing style. You no longer wear only pink. He also wears Star Wars shirts, red hoods and even a superhero cape. She plays with dolls, but they are heroines and capable of saving the other dolls by themselves. For her it is a game, a game without limits for the imagination. For his parents, a way to give him freedom, to let him choose, not to be carried away by what he sees around him.

The story of this little girl and of this father determined to change society makes us think. How are children's tastes formed? What role do parents play? And the society? Why do most girls prefer to wear pink? Do they really want it, or their parents? Do we leave them freedom when it comes to ordering the toys? Why do children's ads still differentiate the two genres? What would you be willing to do to change this?

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