Is it possible to increase the child's defenses to avoid colds?

Is it possible to increase the child's defenses to avoid colds?

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"Doctor, give me something to boost your defenses… because it's not normal for us to go out for a cold every two weeks."

Well, it is normal. It is considered normal for a child under two years of age to have up to twelve trivial infections a year, especially if you go to nursery school (the wrongly called nursery). That is: colds, pharyngitis, gastroenteritis, otitis and febrile processes without a clear focus that resolve spontaneously. Yes, you read that right: twelve. But in addition, these twelve infections that are considered normal will not be distributed evenly throughout the year, but will tend to concatenate one another during the coldest months.

In this way, it is entirely possible for your child to get sick up to twice a month in winter. It is normal for him to start with the snot in September and release them in March, that the cough seems endless, that the day he no longer has snot his stools are somewhat loose and that, when everything seemed to be going well, otitis comes.

I insist, it is normal. Your immune system is dealing with countless new bacteria and, above all, viruses that live on the same planet as us. Y you have to learn to recognize these microorganisms and to fight against them. White blood cells also need to go to school, and the price that must be paid for this learning is all those annoying symptoms that one rarely has to fight against. Forget fevers, snot, coughs and poops. Have you seen your child's face? Smile? Well, that is normal. It has nothing serious.

"Well, if it's the school's fault, then I won't take him until he's older and in the meantime he stays home with me." It's an option, but don't forget that we are only delaying this inevitable showdown against the world of microorganisms. Sooner or later, you will have common recurring infections, as annoying as they are necessary.

"Okay, that's normal, but then when should I be concerned? When should I think that my child has some kind of immunodeficiency? Fortunately, immunodeficiencies are very rare, these are exceptional diseases. If your child's infections always end badly, admitted to the hospital, needing multiple antibiotics, and living in white coats longer than the stuffed animals in the room, then something may be wrong. Don't ask for something for your defenses, ask for a study of your immune system.

But if this is not the case with your son, do not ask for something to strengthen the defenses, because there is not, and if you insist they will end up giving you a hare. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, maintain a balanced diet, do not smoke in the presence of children, ventilate the house daily, wash your hands before eating and after going to the bathroom (and after playing in the park), resting properly proper, run, play, jump and have fun. All this, even with the snot hanging down and with that old-looking cough, is what your child should do to strengthen his defenses. And everything else does not work, or at least there is no scientific evidence that it is effective.

Do you want to try your neighbor's royal jelly because he has done well? Go ahead, I'm not telling you not to try. Nor am I saying that it will not be effective on your child. I'm just telling you that, scientifically, it doesn't work. But each one is each one, and natural orange juice suits me, for example, phenomenal. Do not forget that, In the world of infectious diseases, most of the time the key is not in the "bug" in question, but in the response that each of us establishes against the invader. That is, the key is in the host.

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