Buy the cheapest. Check where the most attractive promotions are available

Buy the cheapest. Check where the most attractive promotions are available

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Shopping can be cheaper. Check where to buy nappies and wet wipes, which promotions to use and which are not worth bothering about! Use our weekly shopping cheat sheet.


  • Desserts Hipp 125 g in Tesco two packages for 6 PLN.
  • Gerber dishes 130 g different flavors in Auchan at a price of 2.60 for the first piece and for the second 1 zloty.
  • Gerber desserts 190 grams at Super-Pharm for 4.99 instead of 6.19.
  • Rossmann Bebilon milk 3.4 1200 g for the price of 56.99 instead of 62.99. However, the same milk, but in a smaller package (800g) at Super-Pharm for 42.99 instead of 44.99.
  • Bebiko baby milk in Real with the purchase of two pieces, one PLN 13.50.
  • Any Hipp dinner in Rossmann 190 grams - when buying a second we will pay 50% cheaper. In contrast, BIO Hipp dinners at Super Pharm 220 g for 5.29 with a Life Style card.
  • Nestle groats in a Rossmann box at 9.99 instead of 11.99.
  • Nestle rice porridge for children in Real at a price of 4.99.
  • You can get any two Bobovita desserts when you buy them in Rossmann for free (2 × 4.99).
  • Bobovita dinner in Rossmann for PLN 5.49.
  • Nestle desserts or yogurt in Rossmann at 8.99 instead of 10.49.
  • Hipp tea 400 grams for 14.99 with a Rossne card. In Super-Pharm, on the other hand, smaller packaging (200g) at the price of 10.99.
  • Juice for children or nectar BoboFrut in Real for PLN 2.99.

Hygienic products

  • Pampers Value Pack diapers in different sizes in Carrefour 38.69. Whereas in Real for 39.95.
  • Huggies diapers at Tesco at a super dry price of 72 pcs - 33.09, giga + 50% 128 pcs at a price of 58.89 and super dry duo 160 pcs at a price of 73.59.
  • Pampers Economy nappies 1 pack plus 1 for half the price at Super Pharm for 74.99 instead of 99.98.
  • Pampers Sleep and Play diapers in Net for 23.99 (from 18.02).
  • Baby Classic baby diapers at the price of 22.22 instead of 25.35 in Kaufland.
  • Normal Senstive Gaga handkerchiefs 72 pieces by buying two packs at Tesco, we will pay PLN 3.50 for one
  • Pampers naturally clean wipes at Net for 17.99. On the other hand, Super-Pharm wipes are packed in 2 packs for 9.99 with a Life Style card.
  • Nivea baby wet wipes 4 packs for PLN 19.99 (Real).
  • Bambino baby wet wipes in Carrefour at a price of 4.99 per pack.
  • Johnson Baby baby shampoo at 5.79 instead of 6.99 in Kaufland.
  • Pampers wet wipes (6 packs) in Rossmann for 26.99.
  • Oral B children's toothbrush or toothpaste at Super-Pharm for 7.99 instead of 10.99.
  • the entire series of Hipp products at Super-Pharm at a price 25% lower.
  • Nivea baby products (all-weather cream, anti-chafing cream, care oil, body and hair wash gel) for 9.99 at Super-Pharm.
  • Bambino selected products for children -20% at Super-Pharm.
  • Johnson's Baby Time at Super-Pharm selected products -20%.
  • Lovela washing milk or powder at Super Pharm with a Life Style card for 18.99 for 1.5 l and 1.8 kg.

Toys and accessories

  • Children's rubber boots in Carrefour for PLN 19.99.
  • girls 'or boys' socks in the special Kaufland offer at 7.99 for 4 pairs (half price).
  • Middle Blocks Wader blocks in Kaufland 50% cheaper at a price of 17.49.
  • Kaufland sun visors at 7.99, 50% off.
  • Children's tights in Kaufland at a price of 7.49 instead of 14.99.

Promotion time

Tesco 14-20.02.2013
Carrefour 13-18 February 2013
Auchan 14.02-20.02.2013
Net 18-24.02.2013
Polo Market 13-19.02.2013
Kaulfand 14.02-20.02.2013
Rossmann 14.02-28.02.2013
Super Pharm 14-27.02.2013
Real 14-20.02.2013


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