Child accidents due to the neglect of their parents

Child accidents due to the neglect of their parents

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A father goes to a shopping center with his son. The father begins to search through the clothes in a store while the son, hypnotized by the movement of the escalator, approaches to play with it.

For the child it is just a game. Meanwhile, the father, continues absorbed in his purchases. Suddenly the boy is dragged by the railing of the stairs. The mall camera records everything. A creepy sequence capable of cutting off your breath.

It has happened in a brazil mall. Fortunately, the child's father reacts just as the child, perched on top of the railing, rushes down. The father rescues his son in time, but unfortunately on many other occasions the end is not happy. Child accidents on escalators or escalators occur much more frequently than we can imagine.

Just a moment. One second. It only takes a second for your child to be in danger. And the thing is that danger has a seductive power and the little ones often cannot resist its charms. A hidden plug, a bad cord. A steaming pot on top of a hob. A balcony with wide bars. A stair. What will be at the end of the stairs? Any danger becomes a game in the eyes of children. That is why it is so important not to lose sight of them for a second when they are very young and to talk to them explaining what the danger means when they are old enough to understand it.

Is there a time when you need to be more alert? Always. If at the time of crawling the baby has access to unsuspected corners of the house, when they start to walk they gain speed and their chances of suffering an accident increase. Then comes the curious stage. At three or four years, everything attracts them. They are able to climb a shaking chair able to see what is next where their eyes cannot see.

Age does not matter. The 'alert button' should never be disconnected. The important is adapt the house when children are babies so they have fewer risks and never lose sight of them.

- Use safety systems in the sockets, especially in the baby's crawling stage

- Use security locks on windows and doors.

- Never leave pots in the kitchen on the fire unattended.

- Do not leave candles burning.

- If you have a ladder, use a barrier to prevent falls.

- Never lose sight of your child if you go to a shopping center. Be especially careful when going up or down an escalator. Don't let your children go up stairs or in the elevator alone.

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