Practicing Pilates in pregnancy makes labor easier

Practicing Pilates in pregnancy makes labor easier

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Practicing Pilates during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and baby, as it helps balance the changes in the female body and prepares it for the time of delivery.

In We will tell you how the practice of Pilates can help facilitate labor and how it is preferable to practice it.

- Through Pilates on a machine, future mothers adapt to the body changes that occur during pregnancy. A) Yes the pelvis is energized and greater movement is facilitated, both in anteversion and retroversion, key movements at the moment of delivery.

- A key example of the benefits of Pilates is found in hospital delivery rooms. In most centers, at the time of delivery, the woman is offered to have a fitball in the dilation room, an element that helps manage pain and promotes dilation. The fitball is an instrument commonly used in Pilates.

- Pilates facilitates childbirth thanks to maintains the balance of abdominal tone and pelvic floor: Knowing the state of the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor is essential to balance it at the muscular level, since during pregnancy there are alterations due to the weight of the baby.

- Improves stamina in labor: by improving cardiovascular capacity, mothers are more prepared to assume labor, since they develop greater resistance than if they did not practice any type of physical activity.

- It favors the correct positioning of the baby: in a natural way more space is opened to the baby and the adaptation condition of both the child and the mother is improved.

- During the first trimester it is more advisable perform low intensity routines since they are the most dangerous months for the survival of the baby.

- Start Pilates classes after a period of sedentary lifestyle should be done progressively and with a long adaptation time since the organism will not be prepared to assume so many changes at once.

- The most suitable type of Pilates is Pilates on a machine. In this discipline, the exercises are performed on specialized machines where, although the method follows the same principles, the exercises are performed differently. The main reason is that in floor pilates, 80% of the exercises are practiced on the back, a position in which pregnant women should avoid being for a long time due to compression of the diaphragm, a very important muscle involved in breathing.

- The ideal number of sessions is 2 a week.

- It is not advisable to exercise when there are risky situations such as hypertension, previous premature births, bleeding or lung diseases, among others.

Noelia Sanchez
Pilates physiotherapist and instructor
Zagros Sports

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