Dance with your baby

Dance with your baby

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I loved dancing with my daughter. Since he came home, with just a few days, he danced with her. Soft music to relax her. Music with a little more rhythm to cheer her up. It's funny, because I did it for pleasure and yet was awakening in her, unknowingly, all her senses.

Hold your child firmly and dance, dance and dance without stopping. He goes around, with gentle movements if he is very young and more energetic if he is older. You will see her face of happiness. What kid doesn't like to be shaken? What kid doesn't like to dance?

The dance has many benefits for babies, physical, psychological and emotional. They don't have to know how to walk. All you have to do is hold him in your arms and move with him, to the rhythm of a melody. You will enjoy together while enhancing all these factors:

1. Dancing strengthens the emotional bond between the two of you.

2. Movement is an excellent exercise for enhance your child's balance and their ability and spatial intelligence.

3. Dance and music generate endorphins, hormones that transmit happiness. And of course, it improves the child's mood.

4. Enhances concentration. Movement helps keep your eyes on a specific point.

5. When the child can dance on his own, you will be toning your heart and muscles. It is an excellent physical exercise.

6. The relationship between rhythm and music favors the gross psychomotor apparatus.

7. When the child is older, he can create and remember small choreographies, which enhances his concentration and memory.

8. It favors social interaction. When the child decides to dance with his friends, he will be learning to work as a team.

9. Improves elasticity, flexibility and agility of movements.

10. Exercise also promotes rest and sleep.

Do you still have any doubts about how important dancing is? When your child can walk, teach him to dance. Encourage him, encourage him. You will see how it immediately captures the rhythm. Also, they will enjoy it very much. In case you have any doubts, watch this video of some mothers who dance with their babies, very close to their body. What fun!

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