Gaston. Didactic children's poems

Gaston. Didactic children's poems

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Poetry stimulates the imagination, vocabulary, memory, oral expression and even the ability to communicate feelings. That is why it is so important that we bring poems to children from an early age.

Gaston, is an original poetry by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that tells how a family creates a snowman. A fun rhyming story for the whole family.

A big snowman

we do in the garden,

we put on hats, gloves,

and scarves when going out

Dad comes to help us

making a huge ball,

we another little one,

Making a doll is cool!

The big ball is the body

the little one is the head,

my dad works a lot

so that they are subject.

The eyes are two buttons,

and an old woolen hat

we put him with a scarf

apple green.

My mom a carrot

makes him like a nose,

for the mouth a branch,

And he already seems to smile!

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