Educate children in values

Educate children in values

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Obedience consists of knowing how to do the things that are asked of you without asking for anything in return. It is extremely important for a peaceful coexistence that the little ones are obedient at school and at home, teaching them to ask for things please and to control their behavior in every place and moment.

Perseverance is a continuous and constant effort. It involves looking for solutions to the possible problems that the child will encounter over the years.

It is a fundamental value so that he can achieve everything he sets his mind to and get the most approximate results. Thus, children have to be persistent from the time they are a few months old and have to fight to stay on their feet until they go to school and have to study and make an effort to pass each exam course.

Generosity refers to the propensity of one person's intention to be useful to another. Thus, the generous person is noble and kind. From a young age, children must be taught to be generous and share, for example their toys, with other children. Thus little by little this value will be instilled in him, which he will also make use of in adult life.

Children have to learn from birth to respect the diversity of races, cultures, religions, etc. It is necessary to instill in the smallest of the house that we are all equal without any kind of distinction and that this must be respected and assumed as something normal, not looking badly at anyone or withdrawing the word from them for an unfounded reason.

The teaching of respect for the common good will range from respecting things that are common goods at school or at home to those that correspond to social goods, such as parks, libraries, theaters or monuments. Children have to learn that they not only have to take care of and keep their toys and personal items in good condition, but also everything around them.

It is very important that from a very young age, children learn to respect, love and value nature. For this, nothing better than, when the weather is good, plan a family trip to the countryside, facilitating the child's contact with the countryside, mountains, rivers, etc.

Friendship is one of the most important values ​​that a child has to develop in their childhood. You must learn to make friends and, what is more difficult, know how to care for and preserve them. You must teach your child how to treat other children to make friends that will last for many years.

Kindness is one of the human qualities that best reflects the human essence, since the kind person is good. Hence the need for children to learn from a very young age how important it is to have this value among their virtues. And nothing better than setting an example of this so that the little ones understand how essential it is.

Children have to learn to be kind, pleasant, polite, and courteous to everyone around them. Kindness is a learned value, you have to teach the boy and the girl to share, behave according to rules and treat everyone with the same respect.

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