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Jakub Śpiewak, president of the KidProtect Foundation, robbed victims of pedophilia

Jakub Śpiewak, president of the KidProtect Foundation, robbed victims of pedophilia

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There are many organizations that help people in need on a daily basis. Conducting educational activities and expressing themselves as experts in a given matter. No material about pedophilia could be displayed without Jakub Śpiewak's comment. The more shocking are reports that the head of a very famous foundation: Jakub Śpiewak (39l) he funded a prosperous life for the organization's money: trips abroad, jewelry, brand name, exclusive clothing. As the only card holder for the foundation's bank account, it paid from ATMs amounts from 300 to 5000 PLN. He could spend several thousand zlotys once a month. During the year alone, he spent almost PLN 30,000 in clothing stores alone. All in all, he appropriated himself 170 thousand zlotys.

The KidProtect Foundation has been involved in the fight against pedophilia and child pornography. Author of numerous posters and spots sensitizing to the problem.

When Jakub Śpiewak learned about the materials in the press about him, confessed his deeds, but not seriously. Somehow forced to do so by Dorota Zawadzka, who was to lead to the fact that the dealings saw the light of day, he wrote lightly about "Messing around" and "fooling around." In his statement the word "theft" was not justified in this place.

Investigators will look at the activities of Jakub Śpiewak and the Foundation.

Let's hope that this dishonesty on the part of one person and, what's not to say, big stupidity will not affect the loss of trust in institutions helping people in need.


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