12 perfect children's phrases to start the day

12 perfect children's phrases to start the day

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Facing the day with a smile is essential so that you can get to all the tasks that are waiting for you. And who better than a child to paint that smile on our face?

With their witticisms, their funny phrases, their crazy ideas and their way of seeing life, children manage to start that laugh that we need so much. In we have compiled that series of children's phrases that will charge your batteries for the whole day.

1. Juana was asked how old she was and she showed one of her hands because she was five. Then he said, "I think I'm a full hand."
Juana, 5 years old

2. Rodrigo tried the mints and said: "Mom, these pills taste like good breath.".
Rodrigo, 4 years old

3. Conversation between teenage siblings: Put that song louder, which is very good. Put it on the handle. As for mom to complain.

4. Mom, When I have a girlfriend, are you going to increase my pay? See that love is not free.
Sebastian, 11 years old.

5. Lautaro was walking with his mother when she said: "Lautaro, can you walk faster?" and he replied: “Mom, you always tell me that everyone has their time. Well my time is slow! "
Lautaro, 5 years old

6. When Elisa's newborn sister came home for the first time, she still had the bracelet that had been put on her at the hospital. And Elisa asked her mother: “Mommy, Can we get the label off it at once? "
Elisa, 4 years old

7. Sofía's aunt is pregnant and one day when she went to visit her, she went for a glass of lemonade. But Sofia stopped her saying: “Auntie, don't drink lemonade. You're going to hurt the baby's eyes!
Sofia, 5 years old

8. Guillermo's teacher was worried because he was taking too long in the bathroom. When asked if everything was okay, Guille replied: "I think I need to eat more fiber."
Guillermo, 5 years old

9. -Mom, when I grow up, will you teach me to play Candy Crush?
Guillermina, 4 years old

10. Mom, people with curlers, if they do bangs, Do you get curlers in your bangs?
Maite, 8 years old

11. When she was very angry with her mother who put her in penance, Caro said to her father: She is bad. It does everything wrong. Less create me.
Carolina, 9 years old.

12. A 6-year-old boy was in class. They were giving the theme of bees and wax. The teacher asks the children if anyone knows what wax is for and the child answers: "so that my mother can remove her mustache."
Justin, 6 years old

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