In good and bad I am very similar to my parents

In good and bad I am very similar to my parents

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Since I have become aware, I have always heard at home my mother and my brothers say that I am just like my father. Physically, I inherited a mole on the left side of my cheek, a dark hair that I can no longer boast about and some black eyes, small, half-slanted, that are hardly noticeable because of the glasses I wear. Do you think it is important for children to look like their parents?

Although I have always liked him and on many occasions I have been proud to resemble my father, perhaps due to a question of identity, I have liked much more to resemble him because of his character and temperament. That's where everyone says that I look like him, and how. They say that I have a strong and impatient character. That I always want to do and try everything, and that I can't stay without doing anything. In this sense, I feel that I am 'nailed' to my father. I walk super fast and I am also tireless like him.

However, although everyone says that I have dated my father more than my mother, I do not agree. My mother has virtues that I happily inherited, such as positivism, enthusiasm and wisdom. Also, I am sure that my passion for cooking comes from her, while my love for travel comes from my father. Looking like my parents has not changed me or determined anything in my life, but I am very grateful to be their daughter.

When a couple has a baby, it is very common for them to look among their little one's features for one that has to do with their own. Who has the baby come to, mom, dad, grandmother ...? The truth is that genetics often bring us surprises and the baby does not look like anyone at all. I also know some twin girls who look nothing like their parents and on top of that, one turned out to be blonde and the other brunette, one with green eyes and the other brown ... And I wonder: to what extent is it important that there be similarities?

I think that being "nailed" to the mother, father or some other relative is not important for children. In fact, what about the adopted children, will they be less happy than the biological ones because they are not so much like their father or mother? Our daughter, physically, does not look like her father or me, but just look at her to know that she is our daughter. He has a long, beautiful smile like his father's and an easy laugh like his mother's. And it is happy !!! What more can we ask for?

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