5 most popular games for children in Chile

5 most popular games for children in Chile

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Chilean children's games have been deeply rooted for generations and some are hundreds of years old. With the arrival of the conquerors to South America, the Chilean people adapted many of the new customs, including a large repertoire of entertainment games that have evolved over time.

We must not forget that games are not only those of physical elaboration, we must also include those hobbies elaborated with the child's own imagination, capable of have fun and enjoy free time with a simple string or blackboard chalk.

Classic games have lost their strength over the years, but on our site We wanted to remember them so that Chilean readers can teach them to their children and that the tradition last over time.

- He fought. This game has been known since ancient times by Egyptians and Greeks. In other countries it has the name of 'La hopscotch' and it would have arrived in Chile by the Spanish Jesuit missionaries themselves.

The game is about draw horizontal and transverse divisions on the ground, within which a number is written down to which a yew (piece of tile) or stone is thrown. Each participant, jumping on the limp leg, must throw the yew with that same foot to the next box and so on until reaching the last one, called heaven.

- Payaya. This hobby also has its origin in Greece. Its rules are very simple and only five pieces are needed which can be small stones, pellets or corn kernels. The pieces are caught with one hand and thrown up to catch them on the fly with the palm of the hand facing down. Then you have to repeat the operation, dropping four and throwing the remaining one. While that piece is in the air, you have to pick up the other four without losing the one we had left. As you can see, it is a game that requires a lot of reflexes and agility.

- The little balls.The game of 'Las bolitas' arrived in Chile with the Spanish conquerors. Is a hobby that still remains with hardly any variations and that in Spain is known as 'Las marbles'. To play you need some glass or metal balls and make a small hole in the ground.

There are different ways to shoot the balls and each player refines their technique by throwing them by hand or from the ground. The winner is the one who manages to get all his balls first.

- Run the ring is a game of Spanish origin that is played in a group. Participants should sit with their hands half open, pretending to have received a ring from another child, with the palms of the hands joined, it will pass from hand to hand until depositing it with someone who must keep the secret.

One chosen by the group must stand up and guess who has the ring. If he fails, he must leave a garment, being able to recover it if he completes a penance set at the beginning by all the members of the group. The one who guesses will become the one who 'runs the ring'.

- The ten. This hobby used to be played a lot among girls. Consisted of throw a ball against the wall to bounce in an orderly sequence. The first to start lost her turn if the ball fell to the ground, taking it up again when the same thing happened to the teammates.

The game movement guidelines are as follows:

  • 10 open hand
  • 9 palms together
  • 8 fists together
  • 7 a clenched hand
  • 6 from behind the back
  • 5 clap and bounce
  • 4 palm open from bottom to top
  • 3 with your back to the wall
  • 2 with the lower part of the fist
  • 1 turning around

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