The cunning babe. Children's poem by Lope de Vega

The cunning babe. Children's poem by Lope de Vega

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To initiate the children in the fascinating world of reading it is advisable to start for poetry. The short children's poems attract the attention of the little ones because of their rhythm and simplicity.

One of the classic authors recommended to introduce children to the world of poetry is Lope de Vega. The children's poem La nena ctuta, meets all the requirements for the child to enjoy reading and reciting it.

Lope de Vega was one of the romancero initiators new. But in addition to his romances where he describes his love affairs, he also has several poems for children, such as La nena ctuta, a poem that could well be confused with the children's story of Little Red Riding Hood.

The cunning babe

A very foxy wolf next to a farmhouse

a girl has been found

and so he said:

- Look girl, come with me to my vineyard

and I will give you grapes and chestnuts.

And the girl replied:

- No, you're cheating on me.

Author: Lope de Vega

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