Why do mothers need more sleep

Why do mothers need more sleep

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Do you remember when you were not a mother and you slept through the night at once? When no child cough woke you up or did you not have to go three times a night to see if your children are well wrapped up?

For most mothers, sleeping the regulation 8 hours is a dream, worth the redundancy. And it is that, generally we are the ones who sleep with our eyes half open or our children come to us if they have had a nightmare. Well then, science says we need more sleep than men. The reason is found in our brain.

A study carried out by the Center for Sleep Research at Loughborough University (UK) states that lMothers have to sleep 20 minutes longer than fathers. What are they based on?

Women tend to be multitasking, that is, we have the ability to perform several actions at the same time. This is due to we have a more complex brain structure than men. This is the reason why the sleep time should be longer. It is possible that many men will reveal themselves when reading this, however, that we are programmed for multitasking not only is it tested by women, but this study carried out by Professor Jim Horne affirms it.

The mother's operating system has the ability to execute several actions at the same time without the end result being altered. This, of course, is not easy and involves wear and tear. The brain, which has been working "overtime", needs more time to recover. The way the brain recovers is with a good night's sleep.

Horne explains with an extra 20 minutes is enough to recover our "supermoms" functions. You may think that it is impossible, but you should at least try it, and that is that poor sleep in women is associated with anxiety, increased heart disease, diabetes, depression, anger, stress and even obesity.

It is clear, instead of running to see what happens to the child every time he coughs, we must begin to eliminate so much self-demand and let the parents come in case our children have nightmares, pee, fears, thirst, fever, pampering , the desire to talk or the thousand and one things that can happen when the light goes out ... Sweet dreams!

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