What is prenatal sensory stimulation of the baby

What is prenatal sensory stimulation of the baby

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Prenatal sensory stimulation is part of prenatal and perinatal psychology, highly developed in the UK and Germany.

This branch of psychology aims work with mothers in the different stages (before, during and after pregnancy) to achieve greater physical and mental well-being It is thought that it influences that of your baby, since it has been shown that the fetus begins to develop its sensory and emotional capacities in the womb, and for this reason it must be ensured that this environment becomes a suitable place.

The stimulation of our child from the womb is possible, thanks to prenatal sensory stimulation, which are a series of exercises or techniques with which the baby's neural connection can be worked, affecting different senses that develop throughout pregnancy: sight, hearing, touch ...

The benefits of these techniques are not only thought to have an impact on the future child, but it is also very positive for the parents, since the bond is worked on from the beginning, the paternity is made aware, it gives us confidence.

According to the specialists in these techniques, our babies would be ready to take full advantage of sensory stimulation from the fourth month of pregnancy, but without going crazy; it is known that overstimulation can be counterproductive.

Although we are talking about the baby, it is known that the one in charge of providing a pleasant and healthy environment is the mother, with which there are certain exercises focused on it, which are known to have an impact on the child. There are already many studies that the mother's stress negatively influences the fetus, while on the contrary, states of tranquility and well-being do so in a positive way.

So, what can we pregnant women do for our well-being and that of our child?

- Gymnastics for pregnant women: specific exercises guided by professionals trained in these special moments for women. The best ones are known to be yoga, pilates or belly dancing. The aquatic environment is also very positive. The benefits are multiple: the woman feels in better physical shape, joint pain decreases, we release endorphins, we rest better, we are with other pregnant women.

- Relaxation and Mindfulness for pregnant women: It makes us aware of living in the present moment, it helps us to connect with our baby and with our body. Many of these techniques are based on breathing.

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