At recess. Didactic poetry for children

At recess. Didactic poetry for children

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At recess It is a fun poetry by Marisa Alonso Santamaría, ideal for reading and learning with children. And it is that with this short poem children not only enter the wonderful world of poetry, but also learn about their environment.

In this case, your children will learn by playing what kind of snacks to have in the middle of the morning and also, this poem transmits a very important value in childhood: learning to share.

At recess

I always have an apple

Maria eats a banana

and He was wearing an orange.

Vicente looks at us sad,

you have forgotten breakfast,

and asks us to share

a piece of each.

Don Ramón has approached

and gives him a peach,

a little pineapple juice,

and a pepperoni sandwich.

How lucky is Vicente!

You forget breakfast

we all give it a little

and eat more than anyone.

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