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Clay prints

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Saving is an advantage especially for young people in the world. Unfortunately, however, it turns out that it is not always. Buying cheaper may prove unprofitable in every respect. Especially where the principle that ... economical (not to write cunning) loses twice.
Clay frames in which baby prints and foot prints can be made can be bought at an auction on the popular auction site. Cost with delivery about 35 PLN. An alternative to them is a frame with plaster (cost around PLN 80).

A simple story that price equals quality

Full of enthusiasm, I ordered a frame to make my hand and footprint in it. I chose the color of the frames, the method of attachment (ribbons or hinges) and an additional engraving service. The whole was to consist of three frames, of which two extreme were to present proud prints, and the middle one. For engraving I chose the daughter's name and date of first birthday.

I ordered the frame over a week before the big date, hoping that it would reach us before blowing out the first candle. Already at the very beginning I had an unpleasant surprise. I was informed by e-mail that the delivery time was long enough that I could not make a print on my daughter's birthday. Fine. My fault, I could have foreseen it and ordered it earlier. It is difficult to say ...

We make prints step by step

After receiving the package, I unpacked the combined frames and two portions of clay. I read the instructions that came with the kit. I waited for my husband's arrival and decided to act. Before starting work, you had to crush the clay in your hands - if my portion was plastic, my husband was extremely insensitive to pressure.

The next point was to roll out the clay on the cardboard. I pulled out a rarely used roller from the bottom of the drawer ... It went fine with my portion. Although the clay was breaking, sticking to the roller (although the roller theoretically with a non-stick coating), it was still possible to control the situation. However, the same could not be said about the clay that went to my husband's hands. This one was impossible to roll out, let alone speak about making an imprint in it.

Despite this, we decided not to give up and take the impression of at least the handle (forgetting to plan to impress the leg). Unfortunately, another unpleasant surprise. After putting my daughter's hands and pressing her with mine, a light outline was visible on the clay, which was not suitable for displaying in a frame.

We have sent a message to the seller. He offered help in the form of sending a second portion of clay. We waited over two weeks for delivery. She arrived by courier only after rebuking again. This time everything went better. The clay was plastic (a huge difference was already seen during the kneading), it was easy to roll out. The print itself was pretty good. Satisfied, we put the prints to dry (away from the heat source). After waiting the right time, we proceeded to the stage of inserting the imprint into the frame. And here ... we heard a slight dread. The beautifully reflected foot has broken. The clay began to crumble ...

Maybe we've got the wrong party. Even twice. It is also theoretically possible - poviat. Unfortunately, I don't believe it. I would think so, if not for the seller's behavior and a lot of neutral (!) Comments about problems with clay. When I warned that I would leave a negative comment next to so many neutral ones, the Lord proposed a settlement.

Let the summary be ready for the seller to give money. The Lord suggested that I would pack everything (frame with the date and name engraved), clay, prints, and he would send a courier. If I would like to keep the frame itself, I will give back half the amount spent. I didn't use the offer. I didn't leave negative comments either. It's hard to say why ...


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