Why Polish women do not want to have children?

Why Polish women do not want to have children?

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The latest CBOS research shows that every seventh woman between the ages of 18-45 does not want to have children and does not plan them. Other young women do not apply for offspring, pointing to other reasons: age, financial situation, conflict between the need to pursue oneself professionally and caring for children. Women aged 18-45 most often because in 56 percent of cases, they say they are no longer planning children because of meeting their needs. 20 percent were in this group. women with one child, 54% having two children and 70% women with three children or more.

Every third woman in the study group declared that they no longer plan children, because it's just too late for that. The average age of women who have given this answer is 41 years.

However, the biggest barrier to having children, in the CBOS study, proved to be financial situation. 21% of respondents indicated that they could not yet afford having children, the lack of housing was indicated by 8% of respondents, while 5% said that they were afraid of deterioration of living conditions.

An important reason constituting an obstacle to enlarging the family in the assessment of the respondents turned out to be a conflict between the roles of the employee's mother. 13% indicated problems with raising one child and combining this task with work. 9% indicated fear of losing their job.

Every seventh woman aged 18-45 who is not planning a child (15%) indicates that he is not going to have children because he just doesn't want to. Most often this type of answer is given by young women and single women.