Dangers of fireworks and pyrotechnics for children

Dangers of fireworks and pyrotechnics for children

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If there is something that scares many parents when there is a celebration or parties with Fireworks, is that they cause some harm in children. Although it should not be so, it is true that pyrotechnics can cause some displeasure.

In addition, fireworks and pyrotechnics They are not only used by professionals of the trade, since there are also devices of this type available for private and domestic use. It is with this type of fire products that extreme precautions must be taken whenmanipulate products, especially if there are children in front. In our site We found out why fireworks and fireworks are dangerous pyrotechnics generally for children.

Fireworks, flares, firecrackers... any product that contains gunpowder can pose a risk to children. In fact, an accident with any of these products can cause:

- Burns. When we are in front of a type of homemade firework, we must never let the children be the ones to prepare or light it. It is recommended that each time you try light this type of pyrotechnic product, an adult supervise each step. The fundamental danger posed by these devices is that they can ignite unintentionally, causing severe burns in children.

Another risk involved is surprise explosion not being well lit or in the correct way, which can also burn children's skin. It is also recommended that when lighting them, children do not stay very close to them, because they could fall to the ground causing them again a burn that is normally serious, since our children's skin is very delicate and thin.

- Injuries. Although it appears that the only danger or risk from fireworks is burns, injuries are also present and can cause serious damage, including mutilation of the hands or feet from an explosion. If gunpowder is accidentally spilled because one of the firecrackers or flares It is not in good condition or even if it came from the factory defective, this could cause an unintentional explosion causing injury, damage or even loss of limbs.

- Acoustic trauma. Finally, another of the dangers or risks of fireworks or pyrotechnic products in children is that which has to do with hearing damage. If children are very young or babies, being faced with an explosion that causes too much noise can cause hearing problems, from acoustic trauma lasting a few days to even hearing problems.

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