How smart are babies!

How smart are babies!

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Babies between 6 and 9 months already show quite a lot of motor skills: they turn their heads without problems, they can hold the bottle with their hands, they sit ..., but also, at this stage they begin to develop important social relationships: they are capable of interact with us to obtain something and also recognize our intentions It seems that babies are no longer fooled!

A recent study by scientists at the University of York in Canada has revealed how babies get angry when they find out that they are being teased. During the testing of forty babies, they accepted with normality and calm the inability that the adult could not give them a toy (for justified reasons), but they became angry when the adult does not want to give them the toy on purpose. The little ones understood the intention of the adult, not wanting to offer them the toy and, consequently, they expressed their displeasure or their dysfunction.

According to Heidi Marsh, director of the study, babies are able to recognize and distinguish our intentions and know if we are teasing them, if we try to manipulate them and if our actions are justified, and they react accordingly. The nine-month-old babies reacted more physically and the 6-month-olds through gestures, but in both cases, they had different reactions to a certain intention of the adult.

The intelligence and abilities of the little ones have been the subject of various studies in recent years and most come to confirm the great intellectual endowment that the human brain has since its inception. The degree of awareness of babies is greater than their ability to demonstrate it, so things that seem obvious to adults are feats for babies such as the ability to differentiate musical rhythms within a few days of birth, differentiate textures or learn to socialize , etc.

Babies show surprising intellectual faculties and specialists point out that these precocious abilities are due to the fact that human beings are born with innate knowledge, which is very important to ensure their survival.

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