Folic acid benefits the baby's cognitive ability

Folic acid benefits the baby's cognitive ability

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Although we already knew the high benefits of taking folic acid during pregnancy, a recent study has revealed a very interesting fact: folic acid influences the cognitive capacity of the child.

There is no mother who has not taken the famous folic acid pills during pregnancy, since, until now, doctors recommended the intake of folic acid to avoid malformations in the fetal nervous system such as spina bifida.

Folic acid prevents neural tube defects and helps the correct brain development of the baby, but it also intervenes in the manufacture of red blood cells and reduces the risk of autism. That is why it is almost essential to increase the dose consumed during pregnancy, although some doctors go much further and recommend taking it to parents who are thinking of starting a family since before conception, since it is also transmitted through the father's genetic information. Some pediatricians recommend lengthening its intake during breastfeeding, at least until the baby is three months old, since through the mother's milk we will also be providing it to the baby whose brain has not yet stopped developing.

Folic acid is found in some vegetables so why do you have to take it through pills? Although folic acid can be found in green vegetables such as spinach leaves, lettuce, or chard, its amount is so minimal (about 400 micrograms) that it does not reach the essential daily during pregnancy, this added to the fact that since the collection of the Vegetables are consumed for several days, the contribution of vitamins decreases considerably, to which we must add those that are wasted with cooking; therefore external reinforcement is needed.

The truth is that, in addition to all those known benefits for the baby's nervous system, a study recently carried out by the University of Granada for 10 years and where more than 300 women have been followed from pregnancy to 9 years of age. children, has revealed that This vitamin contribution has a positive influence on the cognitive development of children in the future.

Whereas vitamins such as omega 6 exerted influence on greater visual acuity and maturation of the retina when children were 4 years old; omega 3 improved average intelligence levels at 6 years; folic acid influenced the speed of problem solving when the children were 8 years old.

Therefore, we are in no doubt about the need to take folic acid during pregnancy. One pill a day and we will have healthier, more determined and happy children.

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