Delivery with or without an epidural?

Delivery with or without an epidural?

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Each woman speaks according to her experience, many speak that the epidural was the best in the world for them, since it allowed them to give birth in a serene and conscious way, others that the remedy was worse than the disease, since they suffered in their flesh the side effects of any anesthesia or analgesia, and others that the expected relief was too late to benefit from it.

In Spain, the use of epidural anesthesia to give birth is widespread; it is accessible to all pregnant women, whether in a private or public hospital. So of course, the question that arises is the following: do I want to give birth naturally as in the past between pain and screaming or do I want my pain to be relieved by means of a very used and quite safe medical procedure? It is certainly tempting and understandable that in large numbers we choose the possibility of having a less painful delivery.

I remember a slightly older lady who said: "This epidural is not giving birth or anything" as if saying: "Now, women, you are soft", but childbirth is not the time to show anyone our courage or our capacity for suffering, it is a time to live fully, with or without an epidural. Each woman will have to choose and weigh the pros and cons of such anesthesia! The existence of these new procedures using epidural anesthesia offer the possibility that a very painful experience can be lived calmly, comfortably and with moderate discomfort, but it is still an invasive technique to the natural way of giving birth by women of all life.

Epidural anesthesia requires a correct assessment: care must be taken to carefully weigh the characteristics of the woman, the time of application and the dose ... a balance, sometimes difficult to achieve. From my experience (I have not had any problems) I think that the main problem with the epidural is that, on many occasions, since we do not feel the contractions, it is difficult for us to do the delivery (start pushing so that the baby comes out), taking advantage of the contraction. It is very important that the anesthesiologist controls the amount of medication so that it is not the monitor that sets the rhythm of the pushes, but that we have a certain sensitivity.

With the epidural they say that there are a greater number of instrumentalized deliveries and cesarean sections, hence many detractor voices are raised. The woman, whether she decides to use the epidural or not, must continue to be the protagonist of the birth together with her child, mothers must adequately and sufficiently assess the risks and benefits that it can bring us. If we doubt, we can always opt for a delivery without anesthesia and change our mind as the delivery progresses, since many times we think that we will not be able to bear the pain and then we verify that we can. We really don't know what we are going to feel and what will happen during labor.

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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