Santa's boot ornament. Felt crafts

Santa's boot ornament. Felt crafts

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At Christmas, children are the ones who enjoy the most. And one of our children's favorite activities these days is decorating the Christmas tree. An ancient custom that fills our homes and that has become a symbol of these holidays.

If you want to spend a fun and entertaining afternoon, offers a selection of crafts to decorate the tree. With this craft made with felt Christmas tree ornament, your tree will be more special.

  • Boot insole
  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Colored ties
  • Black marker
  • Twine / Cotton
  • Glue / Scissors

1. Print the boot template (you can download it HERE) and cut out the silhouettes.

2. Place the boot template on red felt, and draw the silhouette with a marker. Put it back and draw another one like it. Do the same with the edges of the boot on white felt, making two of each, and the ornament you prefer (hearts, star ...) on the yellow felt.

3. Glue the white edges to the top of the boot. Before placing the decorations, make sure you do it so that the boots can later stick together. On one side, place the ornament, on the other you can place colored bows, alternate several forming diagonal stripes, glue them and trim the excess ends.

4.Afterwards, glue them together: Put glue on the back of one of the boots, only on the edge and leaving one of the ends free (to insert the cotton). Glue the other one on top, so that they match.

5. Insert pieces of cotton inside the boot through the opening. Go pushing it with your finger, until it is fluffy. Put a string or ribbon on top, close the opening with a little glue.

6. You already have your ornament! Now you can hang it on the Christmas tree, and you will have a very original decoration.

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