How to educate very sensitive children

How to educate very sensitive children

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Sensitive children, like other children, need an education appropriate to their way of being. An education that helps them enhance all their innate qualities and abilities without forgetting to provide them with the necessary tools to reduce their usual feeling of vulnerability to the looks, comments or criticism of others.

Sensitive children, from the first months of life, react in a special way to sounds, textures, aromas, colors, but also to gestures, words and the looks of people around them.

They are children with many positive qualities but there are 3 characteristics that we must take into account when educating them:

- High empathic capacity. They pick up on the emotional states of other people quickly. However, this very positive social skill can make them suffer a lot if we do not teach them to handle it properly. Well managed is a skill that will help you a lot in your future social and work relationships.

- High emotionality. Their emotions overwhelm them. Positive emotions such as joy, excitement, surprise, or negative emotions such as pain, disappointment or anger can represent a real drama or an explosion of euphoria due to the way sensitive children perceive them.

- High drama. They tend to suffer a lot in the face of any adversity or setback. Any negative event can represent the worst day of your life. They suffer because their friend is sad, because they have quarreled with their classmate or because their teacher has not told them anything about the beautiful drawing they have made. So it is also common that we hear them complain about everything.

So if educating any child is already a challenge for every parent who wants to do well, educating sensitive children seems to be even more so because of their high emotionality and drama. Like any other child, they need loving, warm, and understanding parents. Parents who accept them as they are by helping them feel safe.

Sensitive children need above all:

- Feeling loved and heard. We all need physical contact to feel good. We all need to feel heard and cared for. But sensitive children especially are children who need greater displays of affection, understanding, and attention. They enjoy physical contact and conversations with others, no matter how old they are.

- Understanding and empathy. They are children who need to explain how they feel and what they need to feel good. They need us to put ourselves in their shoes and understand their point of view.

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