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Completing a child's layette usually takes a long time and is a costly task. Skąpiec.pl decided to help young parents and prepared a special report "Baby products". It included rankings of the highest rated articles and tips necessary when buying a pram, car seat or baby carrier.

The "Baby products" report has been divided into two parts. In the first of them, entitled "Eye of Internet users", are presented rankings of the best rated articles from seven product categories: prams, baby carriers, car seats, cots, deckchairs and swings, educational mats and electronic nannies. These lists were created based on the analysis of reviews available on Skąpiec.pl. The second part, entitled 'The Eye of Experts', contains advice on the layette by industry journalists and blogging mothers, i.e. people well-versed in the topic of products for young children.

Report results

The data from the Skąpiec.pl website shows that the greatest trust of Internet users in 2012 was enjoyed strollers of the Polish brand X-lander. As for the car seat, almost 17% of Internet users looking for a child seat would choose a product from The Maxi-Cosi, while in the ranking for the most popular manufacturer of baby carriers, the first place, with the result of almost 11% of all choices, came last year Baby bjorn The title of favorite producer of cots gained in Polish Drewex, in the category "Electronic nannies" won Philips and in the case of deckchairs and baby swings, the undisputed winner was in 2012 Fisher Price. Skąpiec.pl users, who were looking for an educational mat for their child, were most interested in the brand's products Bright Starts, Tiny Love and Fisher Price.

The media patrons of the report are: Parenting.pl, Dzielnicczesica.pl, Linkbaby.pl, Mamanazakupach.pl, Mamazone.pl, Sosorodzice.pl and Wrolimamy.pl. The authors of the blogs also supported the knowledge and experience of the project: bobobebe.pl, blog.madramama.pl, gadzetomama.pl, mamabu.pl, madramama.wordpress.com, andady-mamy.pl.

The entire report can be downloaded from Skąpiec.pl:

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