Why do children need to play

Why do children need to play

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Play is a necessity and a fundamental right of children. Essential for their learning, the game guarantees them the possibility of absorbing new knowledge and skills in a pleasant way. has interviewed the scientific communicator and biology professor David Bueno. He has not hesitated to emphasize the importance of play for children.

The game comes from the brain and it has repercussions on children's brains. Children are most motivated by playing. Especially if it is free play. Playing is the basic instinct to learn, the way our brain is programmed to learn new things. In fact, the main task of children is to learn from their environment to adapt and integrate into society. This learning is done through play. Play means experimenting, creativity, interacting with other people, assuming roles to 'practice' how and what their role will be in society.

Learning through play responds to a genetic program. The fetus, a few weeks before birth, already begins to play. Play with the umbilical cord, stretching arms and legs ...

Play provides pleasure. What happens when the child does not play? The child will continue to learn, but they do not associate pleasure with play, so they will not learn in a pleasant way, which will condition their adult life. In humans it is difficult to assess how it affects adults, but it has been experimented with in mice. Mice that did not play are when they grow up more aggressive, impulsive, and find it difficult to establish social groups.

Everyone should play, adults too. The game adapts to the age of the child, it's changing. Younger children, for example at 2 years old, prefer manual games, fitting pieces ... and of course, free play, discovering the environment. As children grow, they are opting more for television and video consoles. This is not a problem as long as they also play with other things.

Adults can provide play space for children. When children are young, you have to help them and find spaces where they can meet other children to play.

Many parents complain that their children do not know what to play. This happens because we don't let them get bored. we must let the children get bored and find their own games. They can look for their parents to play, that's normal. Who better than parents, their main reference, to play?

The topic of the war games Parents should not be concerned as long as parents explain what values ​​such toys convey.

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