MiniMini + Meme competition

MiniMini + Meme competition

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For the second time, we invite you to take part in a competition in which you can win prizes funded by the MiniMini + TV channel. This time the theme of the game are proverbs. The competition task is ...

  • Creating a short statement (story, story, anecdote, joke, poem, etc.) (maximum 2000 characters with spaces), which will contain ALL the following proverbs:
  1. Silence like poppy seeds
  2. No pain, no gain.
  3. What too much is not healthy.
  4. Who asks not stray
  5. Not difficult for one who wants it.

Replies can be sent to [email protected] (necessarily with the note MiniMini) until April 10, 2013. Don't forget to provide your contact details!

We will distinguish in the competition three most interesting statements. The authors of each will receive awards funded by MiniMini +:

  • Meme soft toy and a book about the MiniMini fish ("MiniMini fish + and rescue operation").

Detailed rules of the competition can be found here.

Meme and proverbs

program for children, Poland 2012
Issue: from September 2, every Sunday at 18:35

"The one who laughs, the last one laughs", "The lie has short legs", "If the goat did not jump, it would not break the legs" - the meaning of these and many other proverbs children will learn thanks to the new, educational production of their own MiniMini + channel

The host of the program is the owner of the lost property office, Mr. Emil, and the plush, somewhat unruly goat Meme. Mr. Emil loves proverbs, Meme loves riddles, and proverbs are like riddles! Meme goat doesn't know them very much yet, but he wants to learn them all. The heroes are visited by children from a nearby kindergarten, who willingly join in the fun and discover a metaphorical interpretation of well-known Polish proverbs.

The program has been divided into two parts. The first presents a humorous situation in which the proverb is used. The second, using animations and examples from everyday life, explains its meaning. The series is aimed at children aged 4 - 6 years. Small viewers will learn proverbs, enrich their language and learn how proverbs can help in everyday life.

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