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Tako Jumper X limited edition Boy & Girl

Tako Jumper X limited edition Boy & Girl

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I admit it, I bought the pram for my first child on impulse. Although being pregnant repeatedly I got acquainted with opinions about vehicles of different companies, I compared, I saw the pros and cons, so the final decision was made with my eyes.

I assumed that the stroller I am looking for is to be multifunctional, durable and in one color, preferably black. I came to the conclusion that first I would see how the vehicle looks live in the store, and then I will order it in the chosen color at the online auction, because in this way I will definitely get it at a favorable price. However, fate played a trick on me. I did not have the opportunity to take part in the shopping marathon, because my daughter accelerated her birth. And because by nature I am a terribly impatient person, as soon as we got home from the hospital, I insisted on ordering the stroller to get out for the first walk as soon as possible.

It was love at first sight. Simple, aesthetic design, original colors and zero unnecessary beauticians. I decided on a delicate purple, reminiscent of lilac blooming around Mother's Day. I made the purchase directly on the producer's website.

At PLN 1200, I was supposed to receive a pram - a deep and stroller, car seat, insured courier and gadgets: a bag, an umbrella, which after unpacking turned out to be defective, rain cover and a sleeping bag for the pram and sledge.

Information from the manufacturer:
The dimensions of the gondola - 75 × 35
Weight: 6 kg
Stroller - 6kg
Car seat - weight range 0-13kg
Construction weight - 10kg
Folded dimensions: 52 x 83 x 30 cm

What my eyes can't see, I don't regret this heart

Upon arrival of the courier I was shocked. A pink cart looked at me from the unpacked box. I thought it was just a matter of artificial lighting of the corridor. However, family members convened for consultation confirmed my concerns. I decided to contact the customer's obligatory office. There, a nice gentleman asked me for a short photo session of my wheelchair and assured me that the matter would be resolved quickly. However, after a few days I learned that I clearly had a problem with the wrong colors on the monitor. The photos received by the company clearly show that I received the product I ordered, but if in doubt I can send it back to the company's headquarters. I didn't feel like playing and eventually waved my hand and started enjoying my pink shade of purple.

I have to admit that the assembly of individual elements of my child's vehicle was not a complicated task. My husband dealt with it at an express pace. Before we went out for the first walk, the stroller was perfect as a baby sleeper.

Only when I felt its weight, bearing a wheelchair with the help of a family member from the second floor, my delight began to gradually melt. However, the interest that in the eyes of passers-by aroused my new purchase immediately made me feel better. In my town, no one had similar in construction and in the color of the vehicle. This originality was my source of pride. And when the expectant offspring began to stop me, asking about the manufacturer and where to buy the stroller, I was moving like a peacock during courtship.

I'll be honest, I didn't spare him. It worked perfectly on uneven pavements, holes in roads. I filled the capacious basket to the limit and my daughter and I brought home decent shopping. Although at the beginning I did not like the front swivel wheels with the possibility of locking, during use I began to notice their advantages. The shapely, though heavy version of the gondola trolley ran extremely lightly and without trouble.

The car seat added to the set was used only a few times, during a few trips - usually for medical check-ups. Because the child was born in mid-October, the option of mounting the carrier to the stroller frame was not valid.

Shapely, but surprisingly large gondola served us until the child began to sit, that is, for the first half year of use. Then I switched to a stroller.
In the meantime, two inner tubes refused to obey and I replaced them at my own expense.

Nice bad beginnings

Real disappointment began with the transformation of the stroller. When my daughter was ready to travel in the stroller, I discovered numerous shortcomings of the vehicle. I'll start with the fact that this time not only inner tubes but also all tires were suitable for replacement. After the autopsy, which I made on the unfortunate wheels, I noticed a shoddy skeleton whose pillar was poorly secured wires. As a result, under the influence of weight they pierced the inner tubes and made holes in the tires. This time I took advantage of the warranty and turned to the manufacturer. No problem, I received a set of brand new parts that (knock on) are used to this day.

While it was a bit embarrassing to climb a deep wheelchair down the stairs, the stroller was simply too heavy. It remained for me to bring the pram first, and then the child.
I was very sad when using the stroller that I could not just move the handle in a given direction by changing the position of the stroller. I had to turn over and fix the upper part of the stroller on the frame, which, contrary to appearances, with the crying child by the side was not easy.

In addition, with the change in the appearance of the vehicle, the basket, to which I now had limited access and insertion of larger dimensions, such as a 2-liter bottle with a drink, was simply impossible.
After a short time, the brake broke, which is extremely onerous during sudden stops.
The color that captivated me also revealed its disadvantage, namely, it quickly gets dirty. While in the warm months, when the sun gave us its warmth, I could clean the cart from smeared chocolate, from spots by the lens, so the confrontation with the remains of a puddle in which the speeding car entered, or soot, or even in the footsteps of curious dog paws, especially in winter Headache. In the spring and summer I could just clean the cover with a wet sponge. In autumn I realized that disassembly of dirty parts of the booth without ripping is impossible. Why didn't the wheelchair designer think about this?

Tako is Tako

Summarizing the pros and cons of a Polish company pram from the Jumper X Boy & Girl series, I would like to write that if I had previously paid attention to the details, I would probably have made a different purchase. However, while the disadvantages of the stroller are bothersome, so it has a few positive things that are worth highlighting.

I liked this cart

  • attractive appearance
  • a lot of gadgets that I received as a giveaway from the manufacturer
  • limited series, thanks to which I have never met an identical stroller on the road
  • contact with its producer who did not avoid answering my questions
  • the carry cot can be carried by the handle
  • shock absorption
  • rims color matching the stroller
  • ease of driving
  • capacious bag that fits all necessary accessories for your baby
  • the use of windows in the gondola and stroller, thanks to which the child has air circulation
  • solidly made covers that protect the passenger from adverse weather conditions
  • plastic foot protector used in the stroller, which prevents footwear from getting dirty on the inside of the stroller
  • compliance with safety standards during vehicle production (EN 1888: 2004)
  • the use of fabrics that are authorized by Öko-Tex Standard 100
  • adjustable headrest and backrest in stroller and gondola
  • comfortable footrest that adapts to the position and size of the child.

It annoys me in him

  • its weight
  • size - even when folded in a small car takes up a lot of space
  • material that gets dirty quickly and cannot be completely removed from the rack
  • inconvenient backrest adjustment
  • fastening the bag for snaps, constantly unfastening
  • no gondola mosquito net
  • difficult assembly of a car seat, a gondola and a stroller,
  • no possibility of unfastening the booth in the gondola,
  • straps difficult to adjust,
  • basket by the stroller, to which access is limited
  • tires - maybe it's just a matter of case that I got a copy in which these parts of the truck twice needed to be replaced?
  • brake that quickly deteriorated. By the way, using the brake, you can spoil your shoes
  • umbrella - I ignore the fact that I got one in which there was no protection for the wires, it is difficult to mount it, when I managed to do it it did not fulfill its function, it bent, fell and did not protect the child from the sun.

Although many people still like the stroller, we are now not only standing out from the crowd with a stunning color. Now, apart from the fact that we can see, it is still quite loud - the springs in the rack require first aid ... and it has not been two years since the purchase of the stroller.


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