Why buy wooden toys from children

Why buy wooden toys from children

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In the 80s, plastic was a triumph, wooden toys were considered something outdated and out of fashion and, if you wanted to have the latest in toy stuff and show off with your friends, you had to join the fashion of plastic without remedy. However, in recent years it seems that habits are changing: the wooden toy begins to prevail Is it that now the hipster is even in toys or is there some other compelling reason?

Indeed, wooden toys are on the rise, and they are not only due to passing fashions but there are several reasons for it. In We leave you 6 powerful reasons for you to park the polymers and enter the magical world of wood.

1- They are warmer to the touch: Wood being a natural element, it has life, it cracks, some are more polished than others, it has a peculiar smell and has a soft and pleasant touch that children tend to like.

2- They are more durable: Think carefully about the wooden toy that you are going to buy because I assure you that it will last you, not only throughout the child's growth, but also for several generations.

3- They give more value to the toy: A plastic toy is normally something temporary, something temporary that will be with us for a short time, therefore it encourages the consumerist philosophy of: I buy, use little, throw away and buy another. Wood gives a more solid appearance to the toy and is often perceived by children as something that should last longer. Which saves money in the long run.

4- They promote imagination: The fact that they do not have batteries, nor are they electric, together with a simpler design makes the child have to bring it to life and, therefore, encourages their creativity and imagination. The simpler the more display of creativity.

5- They are less dangerous: They are usually well made and, being simpler, they do not usually have many loose parts that can come off with the consequent risk of suffocation. Be careful with the type of paints that are used because some can be toxic, so, even if they are a bit more expensive, make sure they are of good quality and non-toxic.

6- They are natural, biodegradable and renewable: They are 100% ecological, so we will be educating our children in respect for nature from a young age.

With all these reasons, we can only say that plastic toys are also useful, but that they can be left for other times such as: the beach, swimming pools, the bathtub, to play outside when it rains or to take to children. trips.

Patricia fernandez. Editor of our site

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