Ten essential Christmas books for children

Ten essential Christmas books for children

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They are not suitable for any season, but Christmas books are a good gift to wrap our little ones in a halo of magic during the Christmas season. On our site we wanted to show you some of the most representative books of these dates for children.

Who does not know the famous Dickens tale about the ghost of Christmas, or the cute Nutcracker with the King of Mice? Those are classic stories that cannot be missing on the Christmas shelves, but there are many others that are not so well known and that will undoubtedly be a triumph among children's readers.

1- The polar express: A train will take our protagonist through a fantastic journey to the North Pole where he will be able to get to know the work of Santa Claus very closely and discover what the true meaning of Christmas is. A book written by Chris Van Allsburg in 1985, also the author of the famous Jumanji, and whose two films were brought to the cinema years later with great box office success, which explains to children that growing up is not an impediment to feeling the magic of the Christmas. Its author is also a wonderful illustrator of children's stories with numerous awards and international recognition.

Age from 4 years

2- Letters to Santa Claus: These are the letters that the famous writer JRR Tolkien, the author of the Lord of the Rings, wrote to his children for 23 years posing as Santa Claus, where he told stories and legends of the North Pole. A true marvel of children's literature and hardly known to readers who are not fans of his work. A book full of feelings and metaphors where the author took care of every detail of the book: Tolkien imitated the calligraphy of an old man or designed his own envelopes and stamps.

Age: From 8 years

3- How the Grinch stole Christmas: Another Christmas classic written by Dr. Seuss and published in 1957 for the first time, in rhymed verses and illustrations by the same author. The book tells the story of a kind of grumpy but very funny monster, who does not like Christmas because it has become commercial, and where all those who profit from it are satirized. In this tale, the Grinch has a heart three times smaller than the rest of the inhabitants of Villaquién. That is why he will try to prevent Christmas from coming by stealing all the gifts and decorations ... But he will not get away with it and, moreover, he will learn a lesson that will change him forever.

You will know the Grinch because he has been taken to the cinema on several occasions, the first in 1966 in cartoons narrated by the famous Boris Karloff, and in 2000 where the protagonist was played by Jim Carrey and had great acceptance among the public.

Age: From 5 years

4- Christmas Manual: A book in which we will find a bit of everything: from the history of the origin of Christmas, or the different ways of celebrating Christmas around the world, to a manual to learn how to make Christmas decorations and crafts. You can create your own Advent calendar, postcards, decorations, recipes, proposals on how to make a Nativity Scene or how to make gift wrapping. A perfect book to entertain yourself during the holidays.

Age. From 6 years

5- The Christmas trip: Perfect for learning by playing about the birth of Jesus. A drop-down where the story of the Nativity is told in simple words, and where six symbolic scenes about the birth of the Child Jesus appear, and on which, in addition, children can use a game board in which to recreate their own stories with characters from the story: the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the child Jesus, the shepherds ... designed for the little ones in the house.

Age: From 3 years

6.- When Matías wanted to pee on Twelfth Night: - "The Kings do not leave toys for children who are awake," his father warned him. -Then I'm going to bed right now, Matías said. ... In the middle of the night, Matías woke up wanting to pee ...

Chema Heras and illustrator Kiko Dasilva tell this funny story where Matías experiences many contrary emotions on Twelfth Night, when he wants to pee but is afraid of getting out of bed. The story, full of wit and humor, tells us about the ingenuity and complexity of children's imagination. The illustrations stand out for their expressiveness and make this book one of the favorites in children's libraries.

Age: From 5 years

7- The brightest star: Suddenly a beautiful star shines in the sky as other stars have never done, all the animals in the forest wonder where that bright light would come from, so they set out on a journey to discover that wonderful secret.

A full color book from Pearson Education publishing house, where nature is the star of Christmas.

Age: between 3 and 5 years

8- Christmas cookies and sweets: If you want your children to look like authentic kitchens at Christmas this is their book. A cookbook with 10 simple formulas to make the best Christmas sweets: from cookies to cakes. Includes 6 Christmas cookie molds, a piping bag with several nozzles, a small rolling pin and a wooden spoon. They will appreciate it and you more!

Age from 4 years

9- The planet of Christmas trees: This is one of those fantastic and fun books by Gianni Rodari. This author born in Italy in 1920 is known for his crazy tales that border on the absurd. They unfold the wings of the imagination of any child and invite them to fly through imaginary worlds, in this case it is a planet where it is always Christmas. On the new planet, everything seems different from Earth: the sidewalks are mobile, things don't cost money and Christmas trees grow everywhere, with decorations and all!

Age: 5 to 8 years

10- A busy Christmas: A story for the little ones. It's Christmas already! The children are nervous, so a long night full of work awaits Santa Claus, but… How is it possible that he can deliver all the gifts in one night? Through holograms and in full color, children will discover how with the help of reindeer gifts reach all children without problems. It's just a matter of magic!

Age: 0 to 5 years

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