Preschool reform to the bin?

Preschool reform to the bin?

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Rzeczpospolita reports that there will be no subsidies from the budget to kindergartens announced by the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Education this year. It was planned to reduce nursery fees from September and improve the accessibility of these facilities for working parents. Unfortunately, everything indicates that this will not work. According to Rzeczpospolita, the decision was made on March 5. However, the government has not informed citizens or local governments about changes in plans so far. Instead, he would decide to draft a new law.

What was planned? This year, which was talked about many times, local governments were to receive PLN 320 million to finance the reform. The money was to gradually reduce fees for additional hours in kindergarten (exceeding 5 hours).

Why is this not going to work? The plans were to be changed due to the Minister of Finance and "lack of funds". The government is to introduce changes not on September 1, 2013 but on September 1, 2014. However, will this date be binding?