Ten popular names for girls in Mexico in 2017

Ten popular names for girls in Mexico in 2017

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One of the headaches of future parents is choosing the appropriate name for their future daughter. If you still have nothing decided, perhaps the names that will be trending in Mexico in 2017.

The names of Anglo-Saxon origin have gained more and more prominence in recent years among the most used names in Mexico. The popularity and influence of artists, athletes as well as the world of celluloid and television have contributed to this phenomenon.

1- Britany: It is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin. The singer Britney Spears and the American actress Brittany Murphy have this first name. It means 'Land of the Bretons'.

2- Nicole: means ‘victory for all’. Its origin is Greek. It is the feminine given name of the masculine name of Nicolás. The popularity of actresses such as Nicole Richie or Nicole Kidman has led to the increasingly common use of this name among newborns in Mexico.

3- Juana: it is a name of Hebrew origin and means 'the faithful to God'. It is one of the most used names in Mexico that will continue to be a trend in 2017.

4- Mary: It is one of the most used names throughout the world, especially in Mexico where it is very common to use it both alone and as a compound, finding the compound names of María Guadalupe and María del Carmen as the most used among Mexican women and that will continue to gain prominence in 2017. Many Mexicans choose the name of María Guadalupe out of faith and fervor towards the Virgin of Guadalupe.

5- Sofia: It is a name of Greek origin and means 'wisdom'. It will also be the protagonist of those born in 2017.

6- Camila: This name means 'the one who is in front of God', its origin is Latin. It is the feminine form of Camilo, a name widely used in ancient Rome.

7- Ximena: It is a name of Hebrew origin and means "the one who obeys or also a woman who knows how to listen." It has been among the most popular names for girls used in Mexico for some years.

8- Valeria: 'sana y valerosa' is the meaning of this name of Latin origin that is used a lot in Mexico since it is very fashionable and will continue to be so in 2017. It is a name widely used among the protagonists of telenovelas and this has led to its popularity .

9- Valentina: is the feminine version of the masculine name Valentin. It means ‘having health, values, vigorous’ and its origin comes from Latin.

10- Daniela: is the female adaptation of Daniel. It is a name of Hebrew origin widely used in Latin America in recent years and will continue to be in the ranking of the most used in 2017. Its meaning is linked to the ‘judgment of God’.

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