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Teaspoons I have

Teaspoons I have

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The set includes two teaspoons, which immediately aroused my interest. I thought that after BabyOno's plastic cutlery nothing would surprise me anymore, and yet. According to the manufacturer, this item can be used for children who are four months old.

My daughter and I were both concerned about testing. I tried to feed her and she waved her spoon. For someone who was watching us, it had to be an extremely comical view. I must emphasize that I have worked a bit to get to my mouth escaping from my child's chair, and the object that was supposed to facilitate my action unfortunately fell on the battlefield. The spoon forces the person holding it a strange position of the hand. Sitting facing the child, it's best to hold the spoon sideways. Otherwise, the teaspoon hits the baby's nose.

When I took the cheese with it, the handle got dirty on the sides of the package, and then left marks on the child's face. When it comes to more liquid food, I took enough soup for one sip, but so what, since trying to maneuver the side of the spoon most of the borscht just spilled out.

They also bother me cutlery dimensions. I prefer long spoons, which makes it easier for me to feed my toddler and empty even a narrow and tall container with yogurt. The indentation, which was supposed to make it easier to hold the spoon, turned out to be completely impractical, because the fingers reflexively directed up the handle. Although, if it wasn't for him, holding such a wide spoon would also be tiring. I think that where the manufacturer's logo is located, a rough tip or silicone finish would be useful so that the spoon does not slip in your hand.

What is the difference between this spoon and similar cutlery apart from the unusual design? Well, it has a built-in temperature sensor. If the food we give the child is too warm, the spoon will inform us about it by changing the color. Until I read it in the instruction manual, I did not pay attention to it. So far, I have not had the opportunity to convince myself of the properties borrowed from the chameleon. Apparently the soup temperature is always fine.
I conducted a test out of curiosity.

On the right, a teaspoon treated with boiling water, on the left in a natural color.

In summary, I was not impressed by this spoon. Practicality, unfortunately, did not go hand in hand with an attractive appearance.


  • solid performance, the manufacturer took care of all the details, even the visibility of his logo
  • pleasant to the eye colors
  • endurance - my daughter loves to bite her
  • capacity - a teaspoon takes in the right amount of food
  • BPA was not used for its production



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